Team Biography

Trifecta's unconventional style has catapulted them to a top contender in North America. The addition of Aror in the support role to replace the retired Eonic looks to be a fairly seamless transition thus far, not slowing down Trifecta in the slightest. Hurriwind has continued to become more consistent and is now unquestionably a top NA midlaner. Snoopy's return to the hunter role has been successful, with the veteran again returning to the top of the role. Kiki has also found a home in the solo lane. The biggest question mark for this squad coming into Season 4 was their jungler, Cynosure, and how he would adjust to the SPL coming from the Smite Console League. Entering the Fall Split, no questions remain as Cynosure has continually proven that he can be a top jungler, not only in North America but the SPL as a whole. Trifecta had the best showing of all other NA teams at Dreamhack Valencia, barely losing to NRG in a set that they were leading by a substantial margin. Hurriwind and the team look to continue their growth and get their revenge on Europe at this year's HRX.