Team Biography

While the organization has a long standing history with Professional Smite, Season 4 brings together a new look for Team Dignitas.

For a short time, this team was known as Variety's new team. Variety, notable Season 3 superstar, joined with 4 other players and created what some would go on to call a "super team." Bringing together all-star package QvoFred and Trixtank, and calling upon NRG's coach and previous player himself Zyrhoes, brought together a ton of star power. Add on an up-and-comer named Arkkyl and you have the recipie for a star-studded lineup destined for the top half of the league.

The team was predicted to succeed, and did exactly that. The Summer Split Champions, Team Dignitas continue to be one of the more accomplished teams in the league. Heading into the fall split, they are a fan favorite and a definite SWC contender.