Team Biography

Team Dignitas has been a roller coaster for fans. The team did well initially in the 2016 Spring Split, bringing in fan favorite Suntouch. However despite a strong regular season showing, the team would wind up missing out on Dreamhack MASTERS, just barely. For Fall 2016, Suntouch moves over to the Hunter role and Dignitas takes on BigmanTingz. Duck3y joins in solo lane transitioning into the Fall Split. An average performance online with two wins, two splits and three losses gave them fourth seed heading into Group A LAN. Team Dignitas fell hard as they weren't able to adapt to the tank meta that Sanguine surprised them with. However, with the highest seeding in the European Gauntlet, Dignitas was looking for redemption to get into the Super Regionals. They only had to win a single Best of Three and they were up against Cringe Crew. After defeating their one and only opponent, Dignitas now advance to Super Regionals but the questions remains if they make it to the next and final Worlds stage for the very first time.

Team Dignitas has acquired a new team for Season 4. After parting ways with longtime Team Captain Shadownightmare, Team Dignitas decided to approach Variety and his New Team about filling the roster up for Season 4. With everyone saying yes, Variety and his new team will be wearing the Black and Yellow for the new season.