Team Biography

Team Allegiance loves being the underdogs. After a surprising amount of success gave them a chance to qualify for the Smite World Championship, the team made sweeping changes to further their chances to qualify. They did qualify for SWC, but didn’t have the success they wanted once in Atlanta. This spurred a change in the mid lane, acquiring a player that is versatile but still new to the mid lane, Metyankey. The new roster has a mix of old and new talent, but there is no doubting their potential. The reunion of Weak3n and CycloneSpin has fans referencing their previous success on AFK Gaming. Will ALG be able to achieve the success that AFK once had, or perhaps even surpass it?

Games Played Win/Loss KDA GPM
46 19/27 2.1 443
Recent Matches
Date Played Opposing Team KDA K D A GPM Results Details
02/19/2017 MomentumMomentum 0.4 2 7 2 430
02/19/2017 MomentumMomentum 1.2 11 21 28 414
11/06/2016 MomentumMomentum 11.4 20 4 51 557
11/06/2016 MomentumMomentum 5.7 25 11 75 491
09/14/2016 MomentumMomentum 1 6 15 17 386