Team Biography

Whenever Conor "Jigz" Echols makes a team, all eyes immediately gravitate towards the roster. In the past, his teams have been stacked with mechanically talented players who have the capability to win a title, but they've never been able to pull it together to win a LAN. This Spacestation roster is no different thus far. The addition of Zapman, one of the most tenured players in Smite, and ScaryD only add to the pressure for the team to perform. But this Spacestation roster may be the ones equipped to handle the curse. Andinster has steadily improved in mid as Season 4 has progressed, but his leadership and game sense haven't wavered despite the role change from Season 3. Homiefe hasn't looked like the star jungler that he has in previous seasons, but with ScaryD entering the solo lane it may be the boost Homiefe needs to return to form. This Spacestation roster has the same expectations and pressure that Jigz's previous teams have experienced, but they are trying to be different in the one area that matters: winning a World Championship.