Team Biography

Obey Alliance, captained by Ataraxia, have a track record filled with success. Placing second at 2016's SWC, Obey Alliance have only gotten stronger since last year's finals. The team has seen tremendous online success, and also find themselves performing well at LAN.

After losing star solo laner Variety to a team of his own creation, Obey were tasked with finding a new solo laner for Season 4, and they hit the jackpot. Returning from a hiatus from the game, ManiaKK stepped right up and filled the role flawlessly. The team saw great success all the way through the summer split, just barely missing the Finals of the Summer LAN.

With the fall split approaching, Obey found themselves in a familiar position: Star solo laner maniaKK was leaving for a different team forcing them to find another one. Again, they dipped into the pool of un-teamed pro players and Xaliea appeared, ready to play. High expectations are on the team, even with a brand new solo laner.