Team Biography

Anytime JeffHindla and BaRRaCCuDDa occupy your duo lane, you have a claim to being a top team in North America. The two former world champions headline this Luminosity squad, but the other three members solidify LG as a top NA contender. Season 3 was a roller coaster for LG's fanbase; a mixture of stellar and poor performances during the season culminated with the team almost missing HRX. Once on the big stage, however, the team transformed, nearly toppling the eventual world champions, NRG. Season 4 started with the same roster, but after being continually beat down by Europe (along with the rest of NA,) LG has a new face entering the Fall Split. Aquarius replacing ScaryD ushers in a new era for Luminosity Smite. The solo laner has a lot of promise, but is lacking in experience. You can always count on Jeff and Barra to be consistent, but questions surrounding whether or not they can bring their new member up to speed in time for HRX will be the story to watch for Luminosity.