Team Biography

Flash Point is a relatively new organization in the Smite scene that picked up the roster of Denial eSports heading into Super Regionals for Season Three. Despite taking the first game from Team Eager in the Best-Of-Five set in convincing fashion, they would go on to lose the next three games dropping themselves to the Wildcard. Picking up two out of five wins left them one game shy from the opportunity of making Worlds. With the downtime and break for Flash Point, members shift around during Rosterpocalypse and now the Team Captain ShadowQ is left to rebuild from the ground up as they will attempt to go further than they did last year for Season Four.

Games Played Win/Loss KDA GPM
101 48/53 2.1 439
Recent Matches
Date Played Opposing Team KDA K D A GPM Results Details
02/22/2017 MomentumMomentum 0.4 4 19 9 373
02/22/2017 MomentumMomentum 0.3 2 12 3 410
02/19/2017 MomentumMomentum 0.2 2 27 6 400
02/19/2017 MomentumMomentum 1.6 8 13 26 433
09/14/2016 MomentumMomentum 1.5 11 15 22 440