Team Biography

Like most other NA teams, eUnited has a new face on the roster going into the Fall Split. Venenu replaces veteran mid laner Khaos, marking a new era for the team. But this new era has a chance to be a successful one, things seem to be heading in the right direction for eUnited's players to make a return to the Worlds stage. Solo laner, Benji, has proven to be one of the strongest players in his role in the world. Scream (formerly Varizial) has been able to feed off of Benji's pressure in solo and as a result, he looks more consistent. Pandacat is still on the climb back to being a top NA hunter, but duo lane partner PolarBearMike seems to mesh well with the aggressive ADC. Despite losing the member many looked at as the face of the team, eUnited is poised to have a break out Fall Split and contend for a title at HRX.