Team Biography

Enemy has gone through its ups and downs from Season 2 until now. From coming second place in SWC 2016 to having to defend their SPL spot in Relegations for this upcoming split was a series of events no one could truly foresee. Enemy is known to be innovators when it comes to team strategies and as Season 4 brings a lot of new things for every player to learn, this gives them a huge edge. As they approached the Relegation, they only dropped one game out of five and have successfully defended their SPL spot. Only losing their solo laner from last split, Enemy will be coming in fresh and will strike down with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy their brothers.

Games Played Win/Loss KDA GPM
106 58/48 2.1 452
Recent Matches
Date Played Opposing Team KDA K D A GPM Results Details
02/19/2017 MomentumMomentum 4.3 21 10 44 530
02/19/2017 MomentumMomentum 6.3 17 6 42 508
11/06/2016 MomentumMomentum 0.4 4 20 8 410
11/06/2016 MomentumMomentum 1 11 25 27 410
11/06/2016 MomentumMomentum 11.5 19 4 54 507