What are the SMITE Console League Qualifiers?

The SMITE Console League Qualifiers are a six-week tournament series for any Xbox One teams that are non-SPL to join. Each week, teams will compete for points as well as gems. The SMITE Console League Qualifiers are used as a way for amateur teams to grow and have a chance to compete for a spot in the SMITE Console League or other rewards.


Whether you’re a new team or returning from last season, the qualifiers welcome you to compete!


Check-Ins and Prize Details

Sign-ups and Check-Ins for the SMITE Console League Qualifiers will be handled through the Discord server provided below. Once your Team Captain enters the Discord, you will be given instructions from an administrator on how to check your team in for the tournament.


Discord Server:

Address: https://discord.gg/0sJ4bLVq5ZWVLsEg

<No password needed>

Download Discord here for PC or Mobile Devices

Times: Saturday March 19th – Sunday, April 24th


Europe: Saturdays

Check-in’s open – 8:00am EDT // 2:00pm CEST

Check-in’s close – 9:00am EDT // 3:00pm CEST

Tournament Start – 9:15am EDT // 3:15pm CEST

North America: Sundays

Check-in’s open – 10:00am EDT

Check-in’s close – 11:00am EDT

Tournament start – 11:15am EDT

Prizing (per region):

1st Place: 800 gems per player

2nd Place: 400 gems per player


Anybody that is not currently in the SMITE Pro League can compete in the SMITE Console League Qualifiers. Please see the official ruling on who is eligible to compete in qualifiers by clicking here.

Be sure to read and follow the official SMITE Console League rules.

EU Group A: Standings

Rank Teams Points
1st Barrage 445
2nd Team Rival 440
3rd Team BM 230
4th Cleanup Crew 190
5th Team Atlas 90
6th Battalion Esports 65
7th 5 Salty Noodles 60
8th In Goobis We Trust 50

NA Group A: Standings

Rank Teams Points
1st Team Eager 500
2nd Err Day Carry 280
3rd Cognitive Gaming 255
4th Most Wanted Esports 190
5th Noble eSports 95
6th The SamBams 75
7th Samurai 70
8th Team Bread 50
8th Team XD 50

Point Structure

The point structure for the SMITE Console League Qualifiers will be as follows:


1st Place: 100 points

2nd Place: 60 points

3rd Place: 40 points

4th Place: 25 points

5-8th place: 10 points

9th-16th Place: 5 points

17th Place and higher: 2 points

North America - Week 1

North America - Week 2

North America - Week 3

North America - Week 4

North America - Week 5

North America - Week 6

Europe - Week 1

Europe - Week 2

Europe - Week 3

Europe - Week 4

Europe - Week 5

Europe - Week 6