Season Four SCL Fall Finals Day 3 Recap

| Article | November 13th, 2017

The weekend could not have ended on a more epic note than what we got to witness on Sunday night. The entire smite scene learned that nothing is over until it is over. The entire day was epic and there was barely any time to catch one’s breath. Myth gaming stared down Astral Authority, Strictly business and Obey went toe to toe and CAZ showed up against Soar Gaming. Not everyone can make it HRX in January and Sunday was the day four teams punched their tickets. Let’s take a look at who made it and how.


Astral Authority 2-0 Myth Gaming

Coming into this event everyone thought that Astral Authority would be able to breeze through the competition. It would be anything but a breeze for the boys of AA as Myth gave everything they had in their set. Game 1 was neck and neck for about 23 minutes, but a single step out of position by Inbowned set off a chain of events they couldn’t recover from. Astral Authority got a four man wipe, portal demon and fire giant and would use that momentum to close out the game shortly after. If game one was lost in a single battle then game two was a true war. In a game that would secure them a spot at HRX Coviiii picks Kukulkan, an unpopular midlaner against the comp of Myth. It works, though, and with set up provided by MOR Wolves and KhaoticPurpose, Astral would eventually pull away with a hard earned 2-0 sweep.


Strictly Business 2-0 Obey Alliance

Going into set two Obey Alliance only needed to win one game up against Strictly Business to guarantee themselves a spot at HRX. That would prove to be a harder task than the Obey boys anticipated as Strictly Business played to their fullest potential. oBornic led all players in damage on zeus and Matt Koiz showed why Athena gets banned against him. After 48 minutes Strictly Business take game 1 and look towards game 2. oBoronic did it again in game 2, this time playing Raijin. He finished the game 9/0/12 and Kaeydan finished the game with top damage on Thor. Even though Obey lost 2-0 they weren’t out of the running for worlds just yet.


Eanix 0-2 Elevate

After Strictly Business’ strong performance in set 2, Elevate had no shot of making HRX since they would lose the tie-breaker against Obey. Eanix, on the other hand, could still make it if they swept Elevate. Elevate weren’t going to let that happen, though. In game 1 Auzrik picks serqet, predators picks Tyr and Kenshin makes the fastest Ganesha pick of his life. He shuts them down all game and frees up Mythic and Camerxn to shred on AMC and Artemis respectively. After securing Obey a spot to HRX in game Elevate continued to look good in game 2. V 50m Fly played well for Eanix all set long, but Nexamiss wasn’t having it. His Cu Chulainn bullied out Eanix and cleared the way for another victory and Elevate swept the set.


Soar 1-1 CAZ eSports

The only set that wasn’t a sweep all day long was the one set everyone EXPECTED to be a sweep. Soar needed both games to make it to HRX and in game one it looked possible. Shalib3r on Raijin and Mollusk on Ne Zha partnered up for the wombo combo and accelerated Soar to a game 1 victory. It would be game 2, though, that would go down in the annals of smite history. Soar gaming took down all three phoenixes of CAZ esports multiple times, but siege after siege  CAZ esports held them back. Elexum in particular would line up his Raijin Taiko Drums on to several members of Soar and force them back, if not outright kill them. The entire arena was shaking with anticipation. If Soar won, they were in. If they lost, Myth were in. Soar continued to look frazzled and with the crowd’s support behind them, nearly FIFTY minutes into the game, CAZ finally won a fight and pushed for the win. No one was a bigger fan of CAZ than the boys of Myth Gaming who fought hard hard and earned a spot at HRX.


Final Standings

Group A

Team Points Wins Splits Losses
Astral Authority 7 2 1 0
Myth Gaming 4 1 1 1
Soar Gaming 3 0 3 0
CAZ eSports 1 0 1 2

Group B

Team Points Wins Splits Losses
Strictly Business 5 1 2 0
Obey Alliance 4 1 1 1
Elevate 4 1 1 1
Eanix 2 0 2 1


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John “HiRezFinch” Finch is an Associate Esports Specialist at HiRez Studios. You can follow him on Twitter @HiRezFinch.