Season Four SCL Fall Finals Day 2 Recap

| Article | November 12th, 2017

Day one of the SCL Fall Finals showed just how close all of these teams are, but day two showed who was capable of creating space between themselves and the rest of the pack. Myth Gaming against Soar, while Elevate vs Obey, were some of the big sets for the day and they did not disappoint. With each team only playing three sets throughout the weekend, finding every last point is more important now more than ever. With the final standings becoming clearer as we approach the end, let’s reflect on the day two action.

Myth Gaming 1-1 Soar Gaming

Myth Gaming came into this set as the only team in the whole bracket to have a 2-0 victory. That means with 3 points, the pressure was truly on Soar to find some wins. That pressure did not seem to bother Shalib3r who played Thoth lights out in game 1. He was aided tremendously by Mollusk on Ne Zha, MEdieval Doc on Odin and JacobTask on Xing Tian. Game 2 would be a different story though, as Myth regrouped. Delnyy was a juggernaut on the solo Bellona, frequently fighting several opponents alone and making strong use of VET. Inbowned on Geb and The Jumpahh on Awilix partnered up constantly to pick off TheMedievalDoc and won game 2 in convincing fashion to split the set.


Elevate 0-2  Obey Alliance

Next up was Obey Alliance and Elevate, both teams who split their sets on day 1. Game one was close for a while between these two teams, with Obey struggling to fully break away. In the end, Delta Marine was putting out too much damage on Sol for Elevate to handle and Obey would take the game. In game 2, it felt like pulling out a close win bolstered Obey and they controlled the game from start to finish. Myflin had a superstar performance on the Ravana jungle, second on his team in player damage and 6/0/13 was the stat line, and Obey take all 3 points and the set.


Astral Authority 2-0  CAZ eSports

The third set of the day was between the current strongest team in the world, Astral Authority and the 2nd place team in EU CAZ eSports. Game 1 looked like the mismatch the record would have indicated it was, in particular MOR Wolves on Osiris and Khaotic Purpose on Thor had a field day. Systematically defeating CAZ eSports, Astral looked to game 2. The second game felt a lot sloppier from Astral. When the game stalled a bit in the mid game Elexum and Mr Turtle did everything you could ask of players down 10k gold down to a top tier team. Eventually though Astral regrouped focused Elexum and swept the set.


Eanix 1-1  Strictly Business

The final set of the day saw Strictly Business face off with Eanix, the surprise EU powerhouse. Game went the way most expected it to, with Strictly Business dominating front to back and Fatal Ghost making highlight reel plays on Ah Muzen Cab. Game 2, on the other hand, was much closer. Predators eX looked right at home on Tyr and not only won his lane but rotated around the map and spread his lead. Strictly Business did not go quietly but once V 50m Fly and VaporishCoast0 came online there was no chance for Strictly Business to defend. The set would end as a split as Eanix continue to look strong.


Group A Points

Team Points Wins Splits Losses
Obey Alliance 4 1 1 0
Eanix 2 0 2 0
Strictly Business 2 0 2 0
Elevate 1 0 1 1



Group B Points

Team Points Wins Splits Losses
Astral Authority 4 1 1 0
Myth Gaming 4 1 1 0
SoaR Gaming 2 0 2 0
CAZ 0 0 0 2


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John “HiRezFinch” Finch is an Associate Esports Specialist at HiRez Studios. You can follow him on Twitter @HiRezFinch.