Season Four SCL Fall Finals Day 1 Recap

| Article | November 11th, 2017

The SCL Fall Finals is finally upon us, and it’s getting loud and hyped! The competition might have been a little closer than we all expected, because every single team has come here to play their hearts out. Astral Authority came into the event only dropping one game all split long and that was to Strictly Business. Soar struggled online, only finding two splits and two points. Europe has historically struggled mightily up against NA teams, but Day 1 threw all of that out the window. Let’s go through the games to see exactly what happened.


Myth Gaming 2-0 CAZ eSports


The first set of the day was in group B and saw the 2nd place EU team going up against one of the stronger teams in NA, Myth Gaming. Game 1 kind of felt like the KeegsMate and Delnyy show as they lead the player damage charts on Hachiman and Osiris respectively. Delnyy got ahead in the solo lane and never gave Atonement or Elexum a chance to breathe. Game 2 was in control of Myth the whole way and this time it was ErupT Crimson who exploded on his signature Thoth pick. He would end the game having been involved in 25 of his teams 33 kills, and Myth take 3 points and the set.


Elevate 1 – 1 Strictly Business


We moved over to Group A for the second set where the 2nd place regular season team of Strictly Business would take on the bottom team of Elevate. oBoronic picks He Bo and proceeds to set up a montage video for himself off of some highlight plays. Matt Koiz played Athena and set up a lot of oBoronic’s damage, and Strictly Business look pretty comfortable as they won game 1. Game 2 would be a different story, however, as Elevate came in with a game plan. Mythic took Neith mid, DoctorL took He Bo into the jungle and Nexamiss played Osiris. They bullied Ryan Jarman in the solo lane all game and forced a lead for themselves. Strictly Business held tight through several siege attempts by Elevate but in the end would fall to the pressure from CaMeRxN (Ah Muzen Cab), DoctorL and Nexamiss. After a hard fought set, Elevate manage to force a split with Strictly Business. 


Soar Gaming 1-1 Astral Authority


We journey back to group B for the third set of the day, to see Soar against Astral Authority. Astral Authority are the top dogs on console right now, only dropping one game all split. Soar, on the other hand, struggled mightily online, only winning 2 out of 10 games. Soar did not look like they were bottom card in the match up, though, and Mollusk in particular had a stellar performance on the Serqet jungle. Everyone in the building could hear whenever he made a play as he shouted at his opponents. Mr White also played exceptionally well on the Hou Yi and they stun the current top team in the world.  Game 2 felt like Astral authority reminding everyone who they were. Mor Wolves was all but unkillable on the OSiris and Covii playing the Ah Muzen Cab mid was miles ahead of all the other carries in terms of damage. Astral Authority win game 2, but no one looked happy about it.


Obey Alliance 1-1 Eanix

The string of upsets, if you want to call them that, would continue in game 4. Obey Alliance, the defending world champs, up against Eanix the top EU team would be one closer than most people would have expected. Game 1 looked pretty standard, with Myflin (Cu Chulainn) getting off to a big lead and transferring that lead over to his carries in the mid game. Zachsy looked like every bit of the hard carry we know him to be on the Izanami pick, and Obey look excellent in Game 1. Game 2 was a back and forth brawl that saw Eanix take the lead, then Obey snatch it back only for VaporishCoast0 to crush their dreams at the phoenix. The young man finds an unofficial penta kill by himself on the Ullr pick to stop Obey’s momentum in it’s tracks, and get Eanix back into it. They would go on to take game 2 with a lot of help from V 50m Fly on Raijin and split with Eanix.



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John “HiRezFinch” Finch is an Associate Esports Specialist at HiRez Studios. You can follow him on Twitter @HiRezFinch.