SCL Fall Finals LAN Schedule

| Announcement | November 8th, 2017

We just finished with the SPL Super Regionals, but we still have 1 more LAN before HRX! This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday is the SCL Fall Finals and will determine who will claim their spot at HRX! Teams will play in 2 groups and each set will be a 2 game series. Winning both games will earn a team 3 points, a split will earn each team 1 point, and losing both games will earn 0 points. At the end of the weekend, the top 2 teams from each group with the highest totals will move on to play at HRX in January!

Each day will start at 11 AM EST and can be seen live on


Friday, November 10th: (All matches are 2 Game sets)

  • Match 1: CAZ Esports vs. Myth Gaming
  • Match 2: Strictly Business vs. Elevate
  • Match 3: Astral Authority vs. SoaR Gaming
  • Match 4: Eanix vs. Obey Alliance


Saturday, November 11th: (All matches are 2 Game sets)

  • Match 1: Myth Gaming vs. SoaR Gaming
  • Match 2: Elevate vs. Obey Alliance
  • Match 3: Astral Authority vs. CAZ Esports
  • Match 4: Eanix vs. Strictly Business


Sunday, November 12th: (All matches are 2 Game sets)

  • Match 1: Astral Authority vs. Myth Gaming
  • Match 2: Eanix vs. Elevate
  • Match 3: CAZ Esports vs. SoaR Gaming
  • Match 4: Strictly Business vs. Obey Alliance



Schedule can also be found here. Also make sure to follow us on Twitter @SmitePro.