Super Regionals Finals Recap

| Article | November 6th, 2017

The first four days of Super Regionals were all about which six teams made it to Hi-Rez Expo. The last final day on Sunday is to determine which of the finalists get automatically placed in the round of eight or in the placement stages. With eUnited taking the victory cleanly over Trifecta 3-0, they get matched against Luminosity that had a longer path after finding the 3-2 victory against Spacestation Gaming. On the European side, it was Team Rival with the flawless win, taking out Team Dignitas 3-0 and would match up against Obey Alliance that needed to take it to all five games against Elevate. Sundays games were Best-of-Fives that went the distance.


eUnited 3-2 Luminosity

The top two seeded teams of North America – eUnited and Luminosity now face off against each other in the Best-of-Five finals. The two scrim partners are familiar with each others tenancies. The theme of this set was entirely around the solo-jungle side. Whichever team would get the stronger 2v2 in that area of the map, would inevitably find themselves with the speed and blue buff control. Game one it was eUnited with the early control but the next two started to favor Luminosity as they switched up their picks and bans by prioritizing the Artio or Cu Chulainn. However, eUnited weren’t too down and out despite being down a game heading into the fourth match. In game four, Cabrakan was the answer for NA Super Regional MVP Benji as he would look to lock Aquarius, on the Hercules, down throughout the entirety of the game. Game five it was the Odin pick for Scream, despite Artio being available, and once picking up an early double kill – he never looked back ending 6-1-15 with 100% kill participation. Moving forward into HRX, Luminosity drop into group play while eUnited sit pretty awaiting in the round of 8.


Team Rival 3-1 Obey Alliance

The semi-finals rematch of Dreamhack MASTERS in Valencia where Rival won 3-1. It took Obey Alliance all five games against Elevate to reach this while Rival only needed the three against Team Dignitas. Xaliea wasn’t having a great day on the Cabrakan as he was the prime target for iceicebaby’s early rotations. Some of the credit to that denial could be the Isis for Wlfy in mid. The damage mitigation from Circle of Protection and disruption between both the silence and stun was a challenging task for all of Obey, not just Xaliea, to get into that back line. Vote had an insane game three playing the Rama sniping down his opposition. Being up 2-1, the game four didn’t last too long between these two teams. Captain of Rival, KaLaS, piloted the Sylvanus to perfection as he pulls Obey Alliance back in the fray several times. Team Rival wrap their third victory in spectacular fashion in less than 27 minutes of game play. This point last year, this roster from Team Rival weren’t even in Super Regionals. They didn’t qualify back then last year but now they are going to Hi-Rez Expo as the #1 European seed!


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Anatoliy “AnatoLiy” Alekseyenok is an Associate Esports Specialist at HiRez Studios. You can follow him on Twitter @iGAnatoLiy.