Super Regionals Group Play Recap

| Article | November 5th, 2017

First two days of Super Regionals was the Semi-Finals between North America and Europe. Both eUnited and Luminosity qualified from North America while Obey Alliance and Team Rival from Europe. This leaves two more spots open coming out of group play! Six teams battle against each other in best-of-one sets. Top two qualify for the main stage in January.


Day One Group Play

NRG 1-0 Noble

Dignitas 0-1 NRG

Elevate 1-0 Dignitas

Elevate 1-0 Spacestation

Trifecta 1-0 Noble

Spacestation 0-1 NRG

Elevate 1-0 Noble

Trifecta 1-0 Dignitas

Day one of Group Play showed us a few things. One – NRG are still really good at LAN no matter how poor they perform in the online portion. Two – Dignitas are checked out mentally after their 0-3 loss against Team Rival. Three – No one can handle Elevate’s triple guardian and double hunter team composition.

Day Two Group Play

Dignitas 1-0 Noble

Spacestation 1-0 Noble

Trifecta 0-1 NRG

Elevate 0-1 NRG

Dignitas 0-1 Spacestation

Trifecta 0-1 Spacestation

Elevate 1-0 Trifecta

The story stayed the same after day one of group play. NRG continued to dominate, going undefeated. Team Dignitas finally found their one and only win against Noble and Spacestation were hoping for a miracle with Trifecta against Elevate. Unfortunately for Homiefe and Hurriwind out of Spacestation, they have still yet to make a Worlds appearance as Elevate’s triple guardian and double hunter composition was still too strong for the North American teams to handle.


Team Wins Losses
NRG Esports 5 0
Elevate 4 1
Spacestation Gaming 3 2
Trifecta 2 3
Team Dignitas 1 4
Noble Esports 0 5




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Anatoliy “AnatoLiy” Alekseyenok is an Associate Esports Specialist at HiRez Studios. You can follow him on Twitter @iGAnatoLiy.