Rival and Obey Survive – Super Regionals Day Two Recap

| Article | November 3rd, 2017

With both eUnited and Luminosity making it to HRX from Semi-Finals yesterday, it’s now time to move towards the European Semi’s.


Obey Alliance 3-2 Elevate


Coming into this set, Cherryo had interesting words during his interview. “If we win the first game, we win the set, otherwise we lose.” After a grueling 53 minutes action packed game one of this set, Elevate win against Obey Alliance; the former Spring Master Champions. Elevate is always known to throw wrenches at teams during picks and bans – making it difficult to pinpoint their strategy. With Hou Yi and Ullr in the back line for DeathPanter and Jermain respectively, the Artio, Xing Tian, and Fafnir provided that space buffer control to allow the damage to take into full effect. Obey Alliance looked strong the first 26 minutes of the game with a convincing 6,000 gold lead but starting to feel too confident in some team fights as they were punished for overstepping their boundaries. Despite PrettyPrime and Ataraxia having top player damage of the entire game, it wasn’t enough to net Obey the necessary late game kills to turn the game back to their favor. Cherryo was baiting himself like a juicy piece of meat in front of Obey, soaking all the damage and running away just in the nick of time. However, Obey had one chance to close out the game at 52 minutes when CaptainTwig picked off N0Numbers in mid lane but their engagement on the solo lane phoenix wasn’t optimal. Taking too much poke damage before engaging from DeathPanter’s Hou Yi, overstepping yet again, lost 4 of their members and only taking out Cherryo. Game one – Elevate.


Game two was just as close, just not as lengthy. Elevate managed to get two crucial picks in the mid portion of the game. However, CaptainTwig piloting the Serqet kept Elevate busy enough around the Fire Giant to delay the objective from competition to allow the rest of his teammates to respawn. The Fire Giant dance favored Obey Alliance as they picked of Cherryo, the back line of Elevate and the first big objective of the game. Elevate defend successfully however, without giving up any phoenixes. Elevate manage to battle back into it by baiting Obey into a sticky situation but couldn’t close out the game themselves in the phoenix department. Overextending and crumbling, Obey Alliance take advantage of the long respawn timers and close out the game tying the series at one a piece.


Elevate still hold true to their style by going for double hunters but instead of that third Guardian for Dardez it was the more traditional Nox that he enjoys. Not a traditional support goddess but with the same amount of control, if not more, is the reasoning Elevate picks it. Serqet was picked for Obey’s jungler CaptainTwig but not the most optimal option as the whole composition from Elevate made it difficult for engagements. The amount of control allowed Jermain’s Rama to pop off in the late game and carry Elevate to victory being up 2-1 in this Best-of-Five set.


Down one game to two, Obey Alliance weren’t deterred. Taking away Elevate’s Artio and Cabrakan, Obey were able to finally force their opponents to deviate from their original game plan of this triple guardian double hunter composition. Cherryo on Hun Batz and DeathPanter playing Scylla had the right idea but the lack of execution. More objective focus for both teams as opposed to fighting, Obey Alliance get the better end of things after the 20-minute mark and there’s no looking back as they tie the set 2-2.


Unfortunately for Elevate and Cherryo, despite winning the first game of the set, they did not win the last one like he had originally thought. A quicker paced game compared to the previous four as Obey’s mobility between Janus for PrettyPrime and Hel for EmilZy allowed them to control rotations. Having 30,000 healing by the 30-minute mark solidified a clean victory for Obey Alliance only giving up one death the entire game. Punching their ticket into HRX, Obey’s Ataraxia and PrettyPrime will have their third chance now at the World Champion title.



Team Rival 3-0 Team Dignitas


The Summer Valencia MASTERS rematch between Rival and Dignitas. First game of this Best-of-Five set from Rival had great synergy between iceicebaby’s Odin and Wlyf’s Zeus. The traditional wombo-combo between the two ultimates. During picks and bans, Rival banned both Morrigan and Sol away from Zyrhoes, which persuaded him to pick the Thoth which did not quite work out for DiG. It took one team fight outside of Dignitas’ tier two mid tower that blew the game wide open at the 23-minute mark after a deicide. Striking first blood in this five-game set was important for the momentum of Rival.


The second game was anything but quick. Lasting nearly an hour, Dignitas had plenty of opportunities to close the game out with their multiple instances of Fire Giant buff but between Variety’s Tyr not able to penetrate the back line and Zyrhoes wiffing his Final Judgement’s on the Thoth, Dignitas weren’t able to close out which allowed Rival to kill the duo lane of Arkkyl and Trixtank. With the 80-second respawn timers, Rival walk down the mid lane to get the second victory of this set!


With a two-game lead, Rival switch things up putting a utility jungle Athena for iceicebaby and KaLaS running Sylvanus. The amount of control Rival had was enough to prevent Variety and QvoFred from ever getting into the back the way they were aiming for. Poseidon was another interesting pick for Rival’s mid Wlfy. The Athena taunt into Poseidon whirlpool cripple synergy disrupted all potential defensive and offensive options from Dignitas as it was Rival in the drivers seat the whole game and set. Unlike the 2nd one-hour game, Rival kept the momentum going from each engagement getting a little objective after the fact to build off of a commanding 10,000 gold lead at the 20-minute mark. Despite barely making it to Super Regionals from the regular online portion, Rival were complete LANIMALS as they took out Team Dignitas to secure their position at Hi-Rez Expo!


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Anatoliy “AnatoLiy” Alekseyenok is an Associate Esports Specialist at HiRez Studios. You can follow him on Twitter @iGAnatoLiy.