Competitive Ruling: Trifecta vs. eUnited

| Competitive Ruling | November 1st, 2017

Organization: Trifecta and eUnited

Region: North America

Date of Ruling: 11/01/2017

Subject: SMITE Pro League Super Regionals 2017

Information: During Game 2 between the Super Regionals semifinals match of Trifecta vs. eUnited, players on Trifecta paused the game due to a technical issue. The problem was being worked on while the players were told to disconnect from the game to see if the issue was resolved. Due to the disconnect, the players were forced back to base and put into positions they did not have any control over.

Ruling: In a LAN environment, the root of the issue was known immediately and was to no fault of the players. To preserve the competitive integrity of the game and the tournament, the league operations team called for a remake of Game 2 between Trifecta and eUnited.

Relevant Rules:
Hi-Rez SMITE Pro League Production Series Rules

Competition Rules, 4.2 (a)
Bugs. Without limiting other provisions in the Rules, if a “game breaking” Bug is known or discovered, you understand and agree that Administrators may impose additional restrictions on you at any time, including before or during any League Game. “Bug” means a bug, defect, error, flaw, fault, or other failure of the Game to perform in accordance with documentation, specifications, requirements, developer expectations, reasonable player expectations, or as described (excluding typographical errors).

For more information on The Competition Rules please visit: SMITE Pro League Productions Series Rules.