Super Regionals 2017 Event Information

| Announcement | October 17th, 2017

Event Details: Season 4 of Smite is nearing completion. We have been through 3 exciting splits, several incredible LANs, and now we are nearing the last step before HiRez Expo: Super Regionals! 10 teams have qualified, and only 6 of these teams will secure their spots for SWC 2018! Here is their remaining path:



      • Obey Alliance (1st seed)
      • Team Dignitas (2nd seed)
      • Team Rival (3rd seed)
      • Elevate (4th seed)
      • NRG Esports (Gauntlet Winner)

North America

      • eUnited (1st seed)
      • Luminosity (2nd seed)
      • Spacestation Gaming (3rd seed)
      • Trifecta (4th seed)
      • Noble Esports (Gauntlet Winner)


  • Four Regional Semifinals (Best of Five) played to determine four spots at SMITE World Championship.
  • Group Play
    • Regional Semifinals losers + Gauntlet Winners
    • Six teams all play each other once (Best of One) with the top 2 teams securing their spot as wildcards at SMITE World Championship 2018.


  • Wednesday, November 1st 
    • Both North American Semifinals are played (Best of Fives)
      • eUnited vs. Trifecta
      • Luminosity vs. SpaceStation Gaming
  • Thursday, November 2nd 
    • Both European Semifinals are played (Best of Fives)
      • Obey Alliance vs. Elevate
      • Team Dignitas vs. Team RivaL
  • Friday, November 3rd 
    • Group play Day 1
    • 8 matches (Best of Ones)
  • Saturday, November 4th 
    • Group play Day 2
    • 7 matches (Best of Ones)
  • Sunday, November 5th 
    • Regional Finals to determine seeding (Best of Fives)

Schedule/Standings: Here