Vote and PBM – Fall Split Week Five MVPs

| Article | October 12th, 2017

When reflecting back on the previous week to determine the SPL MVP, there’s more to it than just stat lines and KDA. Last week was the ultimate week for a majority of these teams that were battling it out in hopes of avoiding Gauntlet and reaching Super Regionals. Europe’s region had the top two seeds guaranteed along the bottom two  heading into week five. The middle-of-the-pact teams were all in control of their own destiny. Meanwhile, in North America, the top 4 after Thursday’s games were not going to get kicked down into the Gauntlet but positioning for seeding would be important. The bottom four would all try to battle it out to avoid Relegations. Why is this important? Simply because when everything is on the line, the players that can handle adversity the best will shine brightest.


Liam “Vote” Shanks

Game God Kills Deaths Assists KDA
Game One vs. Burrito Esports Hou Yi 6 4 10 2.75
Game Two vs. Burrito Esports Medusa 12 3 7 5.16
Game One vs. NRG Esports Hou Yi 1 2 0 0.5
Game Two vs. NRG Esports Ullr 3 1 5 5.5

Liam “Vote” Shanks 
tends to be more aggressive than not. It used to be his downfall at the beginning of his SPL career as he would often times get baited into 1v1 boxing situations that was a trap for an additional member to gank. However, this time around, both Vote and his Team Rival squad have been performing at a high caliber level. After defeating Burrito Esports on Thursday, claiming three additional points, their fate would rest in their own hands heading into Saturday against NRG Esports. Win one game and they’re in over NRG! Not only did Vote help lead his team to a victory over NRG in Game Two but he did it in spectacular fashion as he solo kills emilitoo. Rival head through to Super Regionals and force NRG into the Gauntlet!


Michael “PolarBearMike” Heiss

Game God Kills Deaths Assists KDA
Game One vs. Team Vigilant Terra 0 0 6 3
Game Two vs. Team Vigilant Terra 0 0 10 5
Game One vs. Luminosity Terra 0 4 6 0.75
Game Two vs. Luminosity Xing Tian 3 3 15 3.5


It’s not very often here in the SPL we crown a support as MVP but eUnited look like a whole new team with Michael “PolarBearMike” Heiss supporting. A calculating and ruthless player at times during serious SPL competition. Yet enjoys jovial moments in ranked during his own stream along side others. Michael has come a long way since he’s started with the Team Eager crew. No longer missing Geb Cataclysm at purple buffs, only missing the hearts of his fans when taking a tumble. His style fits in perfectly with the rest of eUnited, especially alongside PandaCat from the Hunter role. Since the beginning of the SPL Fall Split of Season Four, eUnited dominated the entire online portion, only losing to Luminosity in the final week. With this kind of trend and pattern, PBM was at last years Worlds under the ALG banner and is on the right path to grant himself, and his teammates, entry under eUniteds flag.



These MVPs will be resting until the Super Regionals but more SPL action continues with the Gauntlet starting October 14th, 11:00 AM EST (05:00 PM CET) on HiRezTV!

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Anatoliy “AnatoLiy” Alekseyenok is an Associate Esports Specialist at HiRez Studios. You can follow him on Twitter @iGAnatoLiy.