Ataraxia and Baskin – Fall Split Week Four MVPs

| Article | October 4th, 2017

Celebrating the conclusion of week four in the SPL Season 4 Fall Split, Ataraxia and Baskin are your two MVPs in their respective regions.


Nate “Ataraxia” Mark

Game God Kills Deaths Assists KDA
Game One vs. NRG Esports Ah Muzen Cab 8 0 7 11.5
Game Two vs. NRG Esports Cernunnos 9 2 1 4.75
Game One vs. Valance Squad Ullr 4 0 6 7.0
Game Two vs. Valance Squad Ah Muzen Cab 4 2 10 4.5

Nate “Ataraxia” Mark can be innovative at times and continues to do so in week four of the fall split. Playing Ah Muzen Cab in two of his four games, he builds Hide of the Urchin on this hunter both of those games. AMC has one of the most sustained damaged output compared to all the hunter as a team fight duration is increased and the ability to survive to ensure the damage was certainly possible for Nate with the 250 health, and the 10 stacks from this item providing 65 protections on both Physical and Magical.  Not only does the Obey Hunter think outside the box with his build, or his less-than-conventional god selection, his mechanics follow suit. In all four games from Obey Alliance this week, Ataraxia was at the top once that Titan fell. Playing Cernunnos and Ullr in the other two games, Atarxia substituted the Hide for the Odysseus’ Bow to provide more attack speed with the aggressive Obey front line. This 9.25 total KDA from Ataraxia was most certainly impressive, especially considering it was against NRG Esports and Valance Squad. However, the challenge for Nate and his team in the final week of the SPL Fall Split will be the hardest it’s ever been as they go against the Summer Champions, Team Dignitas.

Woonyoung “Baskin” Kim

Game God Kills Deaths Assists KDA
Game One vs. Trifecta Chronos 9 1 4 11
Game Two vs. Trifecta Sol 5 1 8 9
Game One vs. Vigilant Raijin 3 1 11 8.5
Game Two vs. Vigilant Raijin 8 1 7 11.5


Woonyoung “Baskin” Kim has been the topic of discussion when it comes to being the best SMITE player in North America, maybe even the world. Approaching the near-conclusion of the SPL Fall Split online portion, not much has changed. His performance in the mid lane has been quite a treat for the viewers at home, and more importantly, his team’s success. This week LG went up against Trifecta and Vigilant. Piloting the Chronos in game one, and then the Sol in game two, against Trifecta, remains true to the identity where LG pick a physical and magical hunter in order to keep their opponent guessing if it’s BaRRaCCuDDa or Baskin they need to worry about. This week for Trifecta, it was all Baskin that gave them issues. In game one with a score line of 9 kills, 1 death, and 4 assists against Trifecta, Baskin made sure to stay alive with his Dynasty Plate Helm and Book of the Dead combination to limit the burst damage potential of Cynosure’s Ne Zha while Hurriwind would wait on the ground as Raijin. Surviving game one, almost effortlessly, Baskin turned on the heat with Sol going 5-1-8. This time young woony felt more safe on the Goddess of the Sun, building into Bancroft’s Talon over the Book as LG’s frontline between Mask’s Ratatoskr, Aquarius’ Cu Chulainn, and JeffHindla’s Ganesha provided the freedom for Baskin to free cast from the backline. Luminosity and Baskin made quick work of the former Challenger team Vigilant, formerly known as SPL Gatekeepers. Playing Raijin both games, Baskin played safe the first game building into Mantle of Discord late game while remaining more utility focused with Gem of Isolation. A relatively close game up until Kim’s team got the Fire Giant buff but second game wasn’t as close. With the only death, from Baskin, at the 11-minute mark for Luminosity, they made quick work in game two to collect their three total points from this set. A total of 10.0 KDA from a mid laner is not the easiest thing to accomplish and will be even more difficult to repeat as the final opponent for Baskin and LG will be eUnited.



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