SMITE Console League Fall Split – Week Four Recap

| Article | October 3rd, 2017

Coming into Week Four of the Smite Console League, North America has some of its biggest matches yet while Europe were still looking to make themselves known. In the previous week, a few  teams looked untouchable while others looked like they couldn’t find a grip. To see how things ended up, let’s take a peek how the week panned out:



Team Rival 2-0 eRa Eternity

Coming in from last week looking weak, Rival were looking to come into this week stronger than ever, and they did exactly that. While eRa was able to hold on to the lead for 10 minutes in the first game, they quickly had their damage returned to them and more as Rival were able to pick up the kills and fights needed. Watson (Raijin) and JacobHL (Ares) lead the team to victory through deadly combos and burst. Going into game 2, Rival didn’t hold back. Rapio (Thor) came in aggressive super early on to allow his team to have the push they needed for a few kills and camp steals. Continuing the path of domination, Rapio and Watson (Raijin) were able to deal the damage needed and keep control of eRa until eRa weren’t even able to fight back, forced to run from every fight (if they were able). Coming in looking to dominate, Rival finds the game and the 2-0.


CAZ eSports 0-2 Eanix

After a fantastic performance in their first week of play, Eanix were looking to continue their fight and hold on to the top of the standings. An early first blood looks like they’ll be able to pull ahead, but CAZ were not going to let this team run over them. After a long back and forth, Eanix pull themselves into the lead with 3 more kills and a Fire Giant to give them an advantage. Gold still in favor of CAZ, as Elexum (Ra) Snipes a Gold Fury to keep his team in it. However, Eanix has tasted blood and wants more. Taking each fight and pulling ahead with it, Eanix are able to go back for a second Fire Giant, but they get too zealous and try to break into CAZ’s base a bit too early. A good defense from CAZ pushes Eanix back, but then CAZ gets a little too hungry and over extend. Bouncing back and forth, but ultimately always in favor of Eanix, Eanix are able to finally win the 42 minute long game. Going into game 2, CAZ are able to build themselves an early lead with an early first blood and from there are able to hold the lead. Eanix fights back, but by 20 minutes in, CAZ is holding a huge gold lead and winning team fights. Eanix, though, have tasted victory and aren’t done yet. One great fight in the Gold Fury pit grabs them kills, Gold Fury, and the team then turns to the Portal Demon and in one fell swoop, take away the huge lead that CAZ had cultivated. After a grueling amount of back and forth, Eanix finally pulls themselves ahead and take game number two.

North America

In Memory of Michael 2-0 Elevate

Coming in looking to prove themselves, Elevate are trying to find some points to finally put them on the board. Unfortunately for them, IMOM have a different idea for the day. The first game is a slow start, but soon IMOM come out with a lead and continue to push down any chance Elevate have to find the win. Jumpah (Awilix) helped get Crimson (Nox) to the late game to the point where, when combined with KeegsMate’s Ah Muzen Cab, was able to close out the game in a very dominant fashion. Game 2 was a slower start, but after 20 minutes, IMOM are able to push themselves ahead again and close out the game in a similar fashion to the first one. DoctorL (Ao Kuang) did his best to deal the damage that Elevate needed, but was unable to make a difference. In Memory of Michael pull ahead, take the game, and take the set.


Strictly Business 1-1 Astral Authority

In a clash of the titans, the two at the top of the leader boards are finally facing off. The teams don’t disappoint, as early on they start the fighting. Astral comes out with a small lead, but the game quickly becomes a back and forth. Fights left and right, and both teams showing why they are tied for the top of the standings. Astral starts showing their prowess as they start to extend the lead with map control. Taking down 4 towers without dropping one of their own.  They develop this lead and push it to the limit and ultimately, Astral comes out on top of game 1. Going into game 2, Strictly Business come out strong and have the only kills on the board. Pushing to hold onto this lead, they keep Astral under control for a while. Astral is able to find a huge fight after 20 minutes, but it isn’t enough to get them in control. Astral trying to fight back as much as they can, Fatal Ghost (Cernunnos) and Kaeydan (Bastet) just keep them shut down and in place. After a long game 2, Strictly Business come out on top of game 2 and force the split. Both teams remain at the top of the standings for now.


SoaR Gaming 0-2 Obey Alliance

Looking to try and climb the ladder, SoaR come into this game trying to deal with Obey’s presence. In game 1, the two teams are trading out back and forth, until Myflin (Cu Chulainn) and Delta Marine (He Bo) were able to start dealing the damage Obey needed to bring themselves forward. After a few kills, Zachsy (Chronos) came through and cleaned up, and Obey take game 1. Going into game 2, Obey started up stronger and finally were looking like the team expected this split. After 10 minutes, they start picking up what they need to get the team ahead and began to steamroll and end up winning the game after keeping control of SoaR.


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Anatoliy “AnatoLiy” Alekseyenok is an Associate Esports Specialist at HiRez Studios. You can follow him on Twitter @iGAnatoLiy.