SMITE Console League Fall Split – Week Three Recap

| Article | September 26th, 2017

This week saw the third week of play for the North American Smite console league players, but the European teams jumped into the fray. With some teams looking to hold onto their reign and others looking to get a head start in the league, let’s look at how the teams held up.



eRa Eternity 1 – 1 CAZ eSports

Starting off the European scene, the two teams remaining in the league through relegations were looking to find their footing and push for a lead in the standings. The first game started out fast for CAZ as they find first blood early in the game on the solo side of the map. Maloaise (Erlang Shen) and Mr Turtle (Hercules) pushed into eRa’s jungle and forced an early fight. From there, CAZ continued to pressure down the solo side lane and jungle, letting Mr Turtle continue to pick on Rogue T (Osiris) and OverPoweredUSB (Camazotz). After 15 minutes of stealing farm, CAZ start to use their lead to push eRa back, finding fights left and right with the only bonus to eRa being Sirduckbot’s roots as Scylla. While CAZ controlled the game and most neutral objectives, eRa made a call that they would hope to swing the tide of the game with: sneak away a Fire Giant. They manage to win the Fire Giant, but lose the fight as CAZ cleans up three members of eRa soon after. Pushing their lead even further, CAZ close out game number one. After such a dominating performance from CAZ, they look to run back that success in game two. Unfortunately for them, eRa pulled a page from their play book. Finding an early kill onto Maloaise (Ravana) lets OverPoweredUSB (Erlang Shen) start to run his jungle play more aggressively. While eRa’s jungle and solo would be able to push their aggression, Sirduckbot(Ra) again making plays for the team to help confirm objectives. In a very similar fashion to what CAZ was able to do in game one, eRa keep control through the game and find a split.

Team Rival 0 – 2 Eanix

Eanix, a team that has always been strong in the league, come out with a strong start to their split. While Rival came out with an early first blood on to Gnome (Cu Chulainn), Eanix look to keep pace and go toe for toe with Rival’s fighting. Keeping similar farm for both teams, Eanix finally starts to pull ahead after taking a Gold Fury. Pushing that small lead and nurturing it into growth, they soon find themselves taking over Rival and after 33 minutes, Eanix take game number one. Going into the second game, Eanix looks to give no leeway to Rival, getting first blood themselves onto Predators eX (Sun Wukong) and taking as much farm from Rival to keep control of the match. At 20 minutes, the lead is so strong for Eanix that Rival are stuck in a position still attempting to fight, but Eanix have just too strong a grip on the game. After two Fire Giant sieges, Rival’s base is cracked open and Eanix come through to win game number two.

North America

In Memory of Michael 1 – 1 SoaR Gaming

In a similar fashion to how Europe started out, SoaR grab an early lead of IMOM by getting Relating (Thor) first blood and putting Delnyy (Bellona) down. SoaR use this early lead to take as much farm away from IMOM’s jungle, and use that lead to start pushing early objectives. 15 minutes in, SoaR takes the first Gold Fury and have a solid lead. Shalib3r (Raijin) helps his team lock down any members of IMOM that try to fight, and keeps KeegsMate (Ah Muzen Cab) alive to allow him to wreck down all of IMOM’s structures. Looking very dominant, SoaR close out game one in 31 minutes. Going into game two, it looked like IMOM would have another rough game ahead as SoaR has very similar picks to game one. SoaR looks for the early aggression again, but aren’t able to pick up the same early kills they did in game one. Even without the kills, SoaR start to out farm IMOM, and continue trying to push it into a bigger lead. Eventually, SoaR ends up too aggressive, and IMOM are able to benefit off of it, getting first blood for Delnyy (Cu Chulainn).  This lead was turned on its head by SoaR, who grab a few more kills and a Gold Fury at 11 minutes. Looking to be repeat of the first game, SoaR continues to have a strong lead until Jumpah21412 (Nemesis) changes his positioning to take down Shalib3r (Raijin) and KeegsMate (Hou Yi). Due to this change in aggression, IMOM start taking fights and gain map control. A few strong fights and a couple Fire Giants later, IMOM is able to pull a strong come back and take game two.

Strictly Business 2 – 0 Obey Alliance

The former world champions having a rougher start to the split than fans expected, here try to fight off Strictly Business who has been on a roll this split. After a slow start, Strictly Business come out looking strong being able to pick up first blood and continue that aggression and grow up to a 5 kill lead and 3K gold lead before Obey find their first kill. While Obey were able to finally take down Kaeydan (Mercury), they end up taking a bigger spill in the fight, leaving the score 8 kills to 1 in favor of SB. Holding on to this lead the rest of the game, a few fights, a few Fire Giants, and a lot more kills later, Strictly Business take game one. Things looking grim, Obey decide to pull out a different strategy for game two: they pick up Hel. While she’s been floating around the PC meta, console hasn’t prioritized her as highly, and here Obey decide to take it a step further and give her to Zachsy in the ADC role. Having a slightly stronger early game, Obey look to be holding on for a while in this game, but the difference between Fatal Ghost’s (Jing Wei) and Zachsy’s takes its toll and Strictly Business just end up too far ahead for the world champions to handle. Game two also goes the way of SB.

Elevate 0 – 2 Astral Authority

Astral, a team tied for first going into week 3, are looking to continue to catch up to Strictly Business by finding a 2-0. Elevate, on the other hand, were looking to finally try and find a win for their team. Elevate sends a four man rotation over to the duo lane and is able to body block in ElBr0chacho (Athena) to find first blood, but the fights keep going blow for blow as Astral starts picking up their own kills. Wolves (Cu Chulainn) and KhaoticPurpose (Thor) start to push down and take advantage of the solo lane for Astral, and Wolves starts to fight as much as he can. Astral push fights down and keep themselves ahead of Elevate in farm and in kills. Elevate are able to find some return early on, but two Gold Furies keep Astral overall in control. Transonics and Wolves dealing the damage for their team, and Wolves leading the way for the team to break into Elevate, Astral control the game and push for the win. Going into game two, Astral change up a few of their picks while maintaining their aggression. The biggest grab for Astral is putting Wolves back on Cu Chulainn. The early aggression that Astral applies this gains them an incredible early lead with 6 kills and a 1700 gold lead. Continuing to fight, KhaoticPurpose leading his team at 8/1/3, Astral maintain control and Elevate have no answers to the fights. One final push down with Fire Giant around their belts, and Astral close out this game in a fast 23 minutes.



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Anatoliy “AnatoLiy” Alekseyenok is an Associate Esports Specialist at HiRez Studios. You can follow him on Twitter @iGAnatoLiy.