SMITE Console League Fall Split – Week Two Recap

| Article | September 20th, 2017

Due to Hurricane Irma, we delayed some of the games from the previous week of console action to make for one big eventful week two of competitive Smite. First two weeks of competition is all North America while Europe will join the mix on week three.


Week One

In Memory of Michael 0-2 Astral Authority

The first set of week one saw Astral Authority, one of the top teams in the scene, go up against In Memory of Michael. In game 1 Khaotic Purpose pilots nemesis and slices and dices his way to an impressive 11/1/6 stat line. MOR Wolves also played lights out on Ymir, getting the most out of his walls. Game 2 saw some crazy picks from AA. Covii took Athena mid lane, and Elrochacho took Loki Support. It was definitely a case of don’t knock it till you try it, as Covii ends up 5/4/16. Despite the set ending up 2-0 in favor of Astral Authority, IMOM put up a great fight, and kept the games close.

Strictly Business 2-0 SoaR Gaming

Set 2 was the first one we had to reschedule, and it ended up being worth the wait. In game 1, X Fatal Ghost X takes hou yi into the duo lane and goes essentially unchecked all game. It’s like he was invisible in team fights, left alone to provide plenty of damage. He goes 9/1/5, only dying on one of their final pushes. He didn’t do it alone, though, as Ryan Jarman provided an absurd amount of setup and disruption on the Xing Tian solo. Soar gaming absolutely don’t go down for free though, taking the game to 44 minutes. Game 2 sees Relating continue to play well for Soar, especially through the early game, as the jungle Ravana. He gets two early kills. The teams again appear to be a good match, until Astral authority wins a fire giant fight and cracks the game open. This time oBoronic goes off, finishing the game at a 6/1/5 stat line.

Elevate 0-2 Obey Alliance

Ro close out week 1 we had elevate vs Obey Alliance, and they were swinging out of the gate. 5 kills 7 minutes in, and DoctorL(susano) was all over the map. Throughout the midgame, it was Myflin’s Sun Wu Kong that  was the real terror. a full hour into the game, Obey alliance pull off a huge phoenix defense, thanks to a timely ultimate by I Am Dwurst(Xing Tian) helping to pick off Mr Teep’s(zeus) damage early. It would go on to be a full team wipe, setting up Obey for the win. Game 2 would not be as long, but it would still be a slugfest. Obey get the first 3 kills of the game and establish an early lead.  pbnjelly(guan yu), Dwurst(sobek) and Myflin(Sun Wu Kong) drive the early game, opening up a 21 minute gold fury. Despite the kills being close to even most of the game, Obey are firmly in control of game two. They clean up game 2 in 38 minutes, taking the set 2-0

Week Two

Astral Authority 2-0 SoaR Gaming

Astral Authority came out of week 2 with a 2-0 win, now they look to square off against Soar Gaming. who dropped to Strictly Business. Despite Relating’s ridiculous 7/2/7 line on Sun wukong, Khaotic Purpose(awilix) forces out his ult and they take the team fight from there. With only Medieval Doc alive to defend, Astral Authority barrel down into the titan room. The game was very close, right up until the end. Game 2 started off better for Soar, as KeegsMate(Hou Yi) gets first blood. Astral Authority ends up with control of the game again, though. Covii takes Cupid into the mid lane and comes up big with a triple kill in the solo lane. 43 minutes in Astral Authority defend their base, take down four members of Soar, and crash the titan room.

In Memory of Michael 1-1 Obey Alliance

IMOM struggled in week, but Obey Alliance are coming off a big win. I aM Dwurst ends up with Artio in the solo lane. Despite a slow early game he ends up having a strong impact late. Zachsy’s Ullr leads his team in player damage, with a 5/1/5 stat line. He wasn’t alone though, as Crimson piloted Thoth to 43k damage, but Obey end up taking game 1. In game 2 ErupT crimson(Thoth) again leads the player damage, but this time Delnyy(Cu Chulainn) is right there with him. There’s toomany threats all around the map, and now Keji(Hou Yi) is on fire too. The pressure is too much for Obey in game 2, and IMOM splits the set.

Strictly Business 2-0 Elevate

In our final set of week 2, Stricly business takes on Elevate. Strictly business won their set last week, and are looking to keep that momentum alive. oBoronic(Raijin) couldn’t be stopped, thanks in large part to excellent setup from Kaeydan(Thor). Game 1 goes to Strictly business, but elevate but visions on Sylvanus in game 2 to try and set up some game changing pulls. Kaeydan contines to setup for Strictly busines,s only this time it’s no Ne Zha. oBornonic is on Raijin again, and even though he gets focused more this game, still provides plenty of damage. Matt Koiz(Terra) also provides all the setup in the world, ending the game 1/2/22. Strictly business wins game 2 and takes the set 2-0.


Week Three of SCL will begin Monday, September 25th 1:00 PM EDT and have European teams added to the mix! Watch on HiRezTV!

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Anatoliy “AnatoLiy” Alekseyenok is an Associate Esports Specialist at HiRez Studios. You can follow him on Twitter @iGAnatoLiy.