Competitive Ruling: Galen, Kanga Esports

| Competitive Ruling | August 25th, 2017

Organization: Kanga Esports

Region: Oceania

Date of Ruling: 08/24/2017

Subject: SMITE Pro League Productions Series Rules Violation

Information: The Hi-Rez Studios Administrative team was able to conclude player Galen was in direct violation of the SMITE Pro League Productions Series Ruleset based on evidence pertaining to toxic and abusive behavior in public and private messages targeting members of the SMITE Oceania community.

Ruling: Due to the nature of the content of these pots, Galen will receive a lifetime ban for all Hi-Rez titles, effective Thursday 24th August, 2017.

Relevant Rules:
Hi-Rez SMITE Pro League Production Series Rules

Competition Rules, 5.1 (b)
vii. Harassment or sexual harassment, disparagement, or any other behavior that makes another person feel unsafe or unwelcome. 

For more information on The Competition Rules please visit: SMITE Pro League Productions Series Rules.