Fall Relegation Winners!

| Article | August 21st, 2017

With our Season 5 announcement, teams and players alike are gunning to jump into the SPL. Last weekend was the Season 4 Fall Relegations with Europe on Saturday while North America waited for their chance on Sunday. A good mix of old seasoned veterans attempting to battle their way back into the Smite Pro League alongside some unknown fresh faces. Relegations is an important part of SPL as it generates great players, teams, and games to follow. Notable teams to come through the Relegations include: Team Eager, Panthera, Variety’s New Team. Eager made it to top 4 last year, Panthera (now known as NRG) won the last two worlds and Variety’s New Team (now Dignitas) got their first LAN victory in Dreamhack Valencia. Could one of these four qualified teams add their name to the list for this upcoming Fall Split?


The Papis

Solo – iCreedx

Jungle – Dheylo

Mid – MrNazer

Support – Dracomarino

Hunter – Warchi

Accumulating three wins in the Summer Split was not nearly enough to avoid Relegations for The Papis. With a single change, in the mid role, MrNazer stepped in for Ojoboom. The play style seemed to accommodate the aggressiveness out of Dheylo. Losing to Victorious Secret but beating out the other two teams, Papis was in a good position to secure their spot back into the SPL. However, there would eventually be a three way tie as there were three teams with a 2-1 record. The rematch between the two former SPL teams did not go the way of Papis during the tiebreak. Despite losing to Burrito, Papis would beat out Victorious Secret in tie breakers which grants the Spaniards access to the SPL Fall Split. Now is their second chance to prove that they really do belong in the SPL.

Burrito Esports

Solo – Sibi

Jungle – Dzoni

Mid – DeathPanter

Support – Fusify

Hunter – Kespainify

Burrito Esports have made no changes in their roster from the previous Summer Split to the Relegations. Only pulling a single win in the entire Summer Split, against The Papis, Burrito still has a long way to go to get out of that bottom two SPL position. These Relegations wasn’t much of an improvement as Burrito Esports went the distance in a 3-way tie breaker alongside The Papis and Victorious Secret. Starting off the Saturday competition with a victory over New Game Plus, they would continue on by losing to The Papis and then overcoming Victorious Secret. Since Papis lost to Victorious Secret, and New Game Plus not finding a single win, there were three teams with a 2-1 record forcing additional games. Game 7 of the day would be a rematch between the two former SPL teams but this time around Burrito Esports would take their revenge with a win. Securing their SPL spot with a second win against Victorious Secret, Burrito now has their second chance for redemption.

A Mighty Storm

Solo – Uzzy

Jungle – Plazma

Mid – Wolp

Support – ViviaNx3

Hunter – Gh0st

A team with a few former SPL players, Uzzy and ViviaNx3 specifically. Gh0st the former substitute for Luminosity Gaming had a remarkable performance in the Hunter role. Their first game of the day was against AI where the story was all about Uzzy against Chapo. Nearly killing his former jungler while diving the tier one tower, Chapo was forced to use his Ao Kuang ulitmate defensively after Uzzy used his Nike jump to attempt to finish off the low health dragon king. After a 60+ minute slug fest, A Mighty Storm would come out on top. Only losing to  SPL Gatekeepers in the Relegations, this roster qualifies to the SPL Fall Split.

SPL Gatekeepers

Solo – MandoWarrior

Jungle – Grave

Mid – Moswal

Support – PainDeViande

Hunter – DayToRemeber

General Pain returns into the competitive scene with SPL Gatekeepers. Another North American Hunter to add to the great talent list with DayToRemeber playing lights out. Moswal also makes a return to SPL as he was formerly with Noble before Adur0 filled in. New comers Grave and MandoWarrior are two question marks for this team and will be answered as the SPL Fall Split begins soon.


SPL Relegations are over but the SCL Relegations will be broadcasted on HiRezTV September 3rd and 4th 1:00 PM EST!

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Anatoliy “AnatoLiy” Alekseyenok is an Associate Esports Specialist at HiRez Studios. You can follow him on Twitter @iGAnatoLiy.