SMITE Pro League – Fall Relegations

| Featured Post | August 1st, 2017

Dreamhack Valencia saw the best teams in the world and now those same teams are getting ready for the Fall Split to begin in hopes of qualifying for the SMITE World Championship. The teams that didn’t do so well in the Summer Split however are preparing to just stay in the league. Let’s take a look at all the details for Fall Split Relegations in the SMITE Pro League.


The SMITE Pro League Fall Split Relegations will be a round robin tournament where each team plays each other once in a Best of One. The bottom two teams from the SMITE Pro League Summer Split and the top two teams from the Challenger Circuit will compete for both regions.

The top two teams in each region will advance to the SMITE Pro League Fall Split.

Teams: (in each region)

  • SPL 7th
  • SPL 8th
  • Challenger Circuit 1st
  • Challenger Circuit 2nd

Broadcast Times:

  • Saturday, August 19th @ 1:00pm EDT – Europe
  • Sunday, August 20th @ 1:00pm EDT – North America

Games will be broadcast on!



  • Burrito Esports vs. New Game Plus
  • The Papis vs. Victorious Secret
  • The Papis vs. Burrito Esports
  • New Game Plus vs. Victorious Secret
  • The Papis vs. New Game Plus
  • Burrito Esports vs. Victorious Secret

North America

  • Flash Point vs. SPL Gatekeepers
  • Team AI vs. A Mighty Storm
  • Team AI vs. Flash Point
  • SPL Gatekeepers vs. A Mighty Storm
  • Team AI vs. SPL Gatekeepers
  • Flash Point vs. A Mighty Storm

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