Oceania Pro League Split 3 – Season 4

| Article | July 26th, 2017

SMITE Oceania Pro League Split 3 2017

The Road to Hi-Rez Expo

Update: Full split 3 schedule as been added at the bottom of the article


With Split 2 complete, we are looking forward to the third and final split of Season 4 in the SMITE OPL. We’re excited to announce an increased prize pool from Split 2 to Split 3 of $35,000 and more support for teams to travel to LAN events. Once more, the six top teams in the region will battle. After a 6 week league and a Challenger’s Cup and Gauntlet on week 6, the season will culminate in a major LAN event for this year’s finals. Each year has had an exciting finals event and this year will be no exception. Details on the finals will be announced soon.

Watch every week on Saturdays from 4:00pm AEST // 2:00am EDT.

Split 3 remains Oceania’s pathway to Hi-Rez Expo and the SMITE World Championship.

New teams have an opportunity to join through the Open Ladder & qualify for Gauntlet in late September. There, they will battle OPL teams for a spot at Hi-Rez Oceania Championship LAN Finals. Open ladder details can be found here.


Split 3 Key Dates:

  • Monday, July 10th 2017 – Open ladder begins until August 3rd.
  • Saturday, August 5th 2017 – Relegations
  • Saturday, August 19th 2017 – Season Broadcast commences
  • Saturday, September 30th 2017 – Gauntlet Week
  • LAN Final Dates – TBD
  • Early January 2018 – Travel for OCE team to Hi-Rez Expo.

League Structure:

  • Pre Split 3 Relegations
    • 6 team tournament – top four teams of Challenger Open Ladder will play to enter a Promotion match against Split 2’s Bottom 2 OPL teams. Surviving teams will join the Split 3 OPL.
    • Open ladder is live now. Gem and skin pack prizes will be awarded for participation.
  • OPL – 6 teams play each other once over a 6 week period:
    • 4x teams who participated in Split 2 LAN final
    • 2x team who qualify through open bracket/relegations
  • Challengers Cup: Ladder opens
    • Open Ladder – runs parallel to OPL
    • Top 4 teams at Week 5 play off in a tournament
  • Gauntlet: Last chance for LAN Finals placement
    • A single elimination series. Winning team of Challenger faces 6th place of OPL.
    • The winner will then face the 5th place and the 4th place and the winner will join the LAN Finals.

The Six Teams: Four teams carry over qualification from Split 2

  • Legacy Esports
  • LG Dire Wolves
  • Dark Sided
  • Kanga Esports

Two more teams will be determined at Relegations on August 5th. Ahead of that date, new teams may join the ladder to challenge for a spot in the Relegations tournament.

Prize Pool:

  • AUD $35,000 total prize pool paid within Oceania Pro League Split 3.
  • Winning team as Oceania Champion is awarded international travel and accommodation at Hi-Rez Expo.



  • SMITE OPL Broadcast with live commentary weekly on Saturdays from 4:00pm AEST // 2:00am EDT.
  • Follow the action on Twitter with the hashtag #SMITEOPL
  • Production; CyberGamer
  • Casters; HughZ, Linksclone, Smacksamoose, Woofin
  • League Management by Double Jump

LAN Finals – Qualification to Hi-Rez Expo

  • Major LAN event for finals featuring:
    • 4 SMITE teams
    • 1 day of media asset production
    • 2 days of broadcast

Full Schedule:

Week 1 – Saturday, August 19th
Legacy Esports v Kanga Esports
Cervum Esports v SIN Gaming
Dark Sided v Mingyu’s Minions

Week 2 – Saturday, August 26th
Mingyu’s Minions v Cervum Esports
SIN Gaming v Kanga Esports
Legacy Esports v Dark Sided

Week 3 – Saturday, September 2nd
Mingyu’s Minions v SIN Gaming
Cervum Esports v Legacy Esports
Kanga Esports v Dark Sided

Week 4 – Saturday, September 16th
Cervum Esports v Dark Sided
Legacy Esports v SIN Gaming
Mingyu’s Minions v Kanga Esports

Week 5 – Saturday, September 23rd
SIN Gaming v Dark Sided
Kanga Esports v Cervum Esports
Mingyu’s Minions v Legacy Esports

Gauntlet – Saturday, September 30th

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