Team Dignitas Summer Champions

| Article | July 16th, 2017

The journey for both of the two remaining console and PC teams would come to a close on Saturday, July 15th in Best-of-Five sets. In console it would be the North American Spring split winners, Astral Authority, squaring off against the Europeans out of Team Rival. For the Rival organization, their PC team would also find themselves in the SMITE Finals with an impressive 3-1 victory over Obey Alliance the previous day. They would be up against Team Dignitas, a formidable opponent that only lost three times out of 14 games the entire online portion of Summer split resulting in the first seed heading into the tournament.


Astral Authority 3-0 Team Rival

After Astral Authority took out the defending World Champions, Obey Alliance, they awaited the winner of the other Semi-Finals. Team Rival, for the past two encounters on LAN, would lose to SoaR Gaming but this third attempt would prove to be fruitful for the European console team granting them access to the Finals. The first game of this Best-of-Five set was dominated by Astral Authority. The mobility from the Susano out of KhaoticPurpose set up the plays all over the map. The sustain from Coviii’s Chang’e helped prolong team fights in the North Americans favor. Second game was much closer however, no 25 minute surrender this time around. It was Team Rival dictating the game up until the later stages when KhaoticPurpose found the perfect flank with his Susano yet again. Despite an insane amount of damage from WatsonV3’s Vulcan, surpassing the 35,000 mark, highest of the game, Astral Authority gave the mid mage out of Rival the respect he earned by not positioning too close to the Smith of the Gods. The one team fight in 43 minutes tipping the ways of Astral was all that was required to build a 2-0 lead in the set after some patience. An upsetting loss for Rival as they surrendered the first game and could’ve tied the series with their winning position in the second. Alas the series moved onto game three. It was the Hou Yi on Transonics that stepped it up as he was playing it more like a warrior rather than a squishy hunter leading the charge every given moment. The clean 3-0 sweep from AA gives them their second LAN victory in a row!

Team Dignitas 3-2 Team Rival

As the PC Smite finals started off, a lot of theory crafting in picks and bans. Specifically selecting the Serqet for iceicebaby. It worked wonders for the Rival jungler to start off as he was camping Variety early on shutting him out and forcing beads in multiple areas of the map. Unfortunately for him and the rest of his team, QvoFred playing Ravana was an absolute nightmare to handle. The front line pressure from the Dignitas jungler, coupled up with the long range damage from Arkkyl’s Rama, there would be no hope for Team Rival in game one as Wlfy’s Vulcan struggled for any safe positioning.

Game two in this BO5 set was all about Chronos for Zyrhoes. With his Morrigan and Sol constantly being banned away, he prefers to go for another magical hunteresque type god. Despite the great initiations from KaLaS, once it came to the late game it would dwindle in effectiveness as the damage from Zyrhoes greatly increased.

Game three was quite the dramatic twist. With an Athena and an Ares locked in for Team Rival, they had Deathwalker run the God of War. With the Athena support building into Bumbas Mask, the double guardians cleared blue to start off. With the flames from Deathwalker, KaLaS successfully can clear the wave at level one with his shield wall once the wave bunches up. Once hitting level two, the taunt into three chains allowed for a relatively easy first blood onto Variety. The sustain from Wlfy’s Ra kept these guardians topped off along with provided artillery support with his snipes for kill secures. This drastic team composition switch gave Team Rival their first victory in the set!

Game four was another mix up from Rival. Nox was selected late in the draft for Wlfy which worked out wonders paired up with the Athena support for KaLaS yet again. Not only was the crowd control dominate in this fourth game, but the Odin jungle for iceicebaby gave plenty of space control to follow suit. Going the distance in a 40+ minute game, Rival tie the series once they win the late game team fights after building a commanding lead by controlling a majority of the objectives between Gold Fury and Fire Giant.

Game five was do or die for both teams. A Best-of-Five series, now turned into a Best-of-One. A healthy resilient composition from Rival was selected as Osiris, Ravana, and Athena locked in before the secondary ban phase. To combat this, Dignitas elected for Camazotz, Sun Wukong, and Fafnir. QvoFred proved why this god must be respect banned from him every game. The game was relatively even up until the 20 minute mark where QvoFred earned a double kill in the duo lane and then the risky call from his team to travel across the map for an early Fire Giant. The Fafnir coerce while in draconic form amplified the attack speed out of Zyrhoes’ Sol and Arkkyl’s Rama to burn down the objective. With the initial buff, Dignitas demolished two of Rival’s phoenix’s allowing an easier task of obtaining a second fire giant upon the 5-minute respawn mark. Securing their second late game objective of the game, Dignitas would close out the set and be crowned the SPL Season 4 Summer Split Champions!

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Anatoliy “AnatoLiy” Alekseyenok is an Associate Esports Specialist at HiRez Studios. You can follow him on Twitter @iGAnatoLiy.