Worlds Finalists Fall

| Article | July 15th, 2017

As the tournament progresses from quarter finals to semis, so do the quality of the SMITE games. In the Console world, Team Rival played against SoaR Gaming – their biggest rival as they lost to them in their last two LAN encounters. PC SMITE would have two best of five semi finals between four European teams. Failing to advance to the next round, North America, and Brazil, watched from the sidelines today as Team Dignitas squared off against NRG Esports in the first set while Obey Alliance and Team Rival would await their turn.


Team Rival 2-0 SoaR Gaming

With Astral Authority taking out Obey Alliance 2-1 yesterday, it would be time for SoaR to try to shut down Team Rival in their third LAN encounter. During the online portion of the SCL, Team Rival dominated the European region but in prior events, never had any success against North American teams. They say that third time is the lucky charm and it proved to be the case for Team Rival as they defeated SoaR Gaming 2-0 with impressive play coming from the all star jungler Rapio.


Team Dignitas 3-0 NRG Esports


Despite the score of this series looking like a blowout, if you watched the games it was a different story. Games one and three was a sea saw battle with constant poke wars between the two mages. Any time one team obtained the Fire Giant buff, for whatever unknown reason, the other defending team would always seem to thwart the siege. Game one NRG had the advantage with the late game fire giant buff but when it came down to sieging the duo lane phoenix, after respawning, it wouldn’t be successful. With Dimi taking too much damage early in the engagement, he didn’t peel back quickly enough and was the unfortunate first victim. With a 5v4 power play and hardly taking any damage, Team Dignitas win the rest of the team fight and even stop Adapting from completing his sneaky split push on the exposed phoenix. Ending the game around the 51-minute mark despite having a huge deficit a majority of the game, Team Dignitas snag one away from NRG. Game two however would be a quick domination by QvoFred on the Camazotz that helped end the game in less than 19 minutes with his high kill participation coming out of the jungle. The third game would be the last game of the set as Dignitas slowly built a lead consistently over the course of the game as they secured each Gold Fury that would respawn. It took three fire giants also to hit the last nail in the coffin and the surprising Ao Kuang pick for Adapting wouldn’t be the solution to NRG’s problems. Team Dignitas advance to the finals for Saturday as they await the winner between Obey Alliance and Team Rival. This has been another LAN where NRG have not won or even made the finals during Season Four.

Team Rival 3-1 Obey Alliance

A rematch of the semi-finals from the Spring split masters LAN and a battle of the coaches; Hayzer against Alpha Jackal. Obey Alliance got the better end of Rival in the previous split but the Summer would not be a repeat. The Odin utility jungle from CaptainTwig was a problem for Rival in game one and was banned for the rest of the set. Deathwalker, or after game one he was known as Gebwalker, switched things up to play Warriors for the rest of the set and allowed KaLaS to stick on the guardians. After Rivals first loss, they drafted a tanky composition in game two with iceicebaby on Ravana while Deathwalker enjoyed his Erlang Shen. In a surprising turn, Wlfy complimented both of these picks with the utility he provided as he selected the Janus for the mobility and repositioning he provides to a team. The Ne Zha from twiggy was hot in the beginning and middle but ended rather cold. Game three was all about Wlfy’s Ra sustain, and long range artillery shots, on top of the Geb shields extending Rivals health pool. Team Rival would not be denied any objective they wanted throughout the game obtaining a very early 21 minute Fire Giant buff and winning the game two minutes later. Game four was another great Ra performance out of Wly but a Fafnir selection for KaLaS instead, ensuring more objective control for his team. Rival and Obey were pretty much all tied up this game until the 25-minute mark where PrettyPrime could not connect on the Scylla ultimate off of CaptainTwig’s Ne Zha ult. It was all down hill for Obey after that as Rival secured Fire Giant and wouldn’t be denied access to the titan room of Obey eventually. With this loss from Obey Alliance, we would not have a Spring Split Finals, or a Worlds Finals, rematch. Team Rival advance forward to face off Team Dignitas on Saturdays finals.


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Anatoliy “AnatoLiy” Alekseyenok is an Associate Esports Specialist at HiRez Studios. You can follow him on Twitter @iGAnatoLiy.