No Progress for North America

| Article | July 14th, 2017

It’s finally here. All the weeks of SPL Summer Split leading up to this event that all these teams, on console and PC, have been fighting for – Dreamhack Valencia. A lot of exciting action to kick things off in the first day.


Astral Authority 2-1 Obey Alliance

The Console Spring split winners Astral Authority take on the World defending champions Obey Alliance in the first Console Semi-Finals. This would be the very first LAN that Obey would have to attend without their long time hunter, AirCougar. Taking his spot during the Summer Split is Mancer72. His first SMITE LAN but not his first LAN in general as he’s attended COD events previously.


During the set it was a tale of the two mid laners. Delta Marine72 up against Coviii. First game it was a large magical portion of damage between Transonic’s Chronos and Coviii’s Scylla. Second game Delta Marine spiced things up with a He Bo bursting everyone down. Third game, going He Bo again, DM72 would be shut down hard with the last pick Thor for Khaotic Purpose. Between the walls cutting of the engage/escape from Obey’s mid laner, to the heavy chain crowd controls taking advantage of the early Aegis selection over the Purification beads. The damage from KP was unreal as he topped the player damage charts all game. Astral Authority win this set 2-1 awaiting the victors of tomorrow, SoaR Gaming up against Team Rival.

Team Dignitas 2-0 Black Dragons

There is a clear gap between Europe, North America, and every other region in previous LANS. This set would prove to be no different. Team Dignitas got off to a great start against the Brazilian Black Dragons. With only two deaths, Dignitas won the game shortly after the 26-minute mark with great objective control on both Gold Fury and Fire Giant. It seems Black Dragons were caught off by The Morrigan being played by Zyrhoes.


A relatively even game in the kill department in the second game but not even close objectively. Team Dignitas were managing to successfully out farm Black Dragons despite being tied on the kill scoreboard. It wasn’t until the 25-minute mark that Dignitas would end up winning a team fight convincingly resulting in Fire Giant. With the late game buff and an insurmountable gold advantage, Dignitas cleaned up this set 2-0 to advance to the Semi-Finals awaiting the victor between NRG Esports and Trifecta.

NRG Esports 2-1 Trifecta

The second PC set of the day was an epic clash between NRG Esports and Trifecta. Despite having a deficit of 15,000+ gold for a majority of the game, NRG dragged it to 49 minutes but held onto all their phoenixes until the final siege one minute prior to the game conclusion. Second game would be slightly similar for NRG but the sneaky Morrigan play from Yammyn kept NRG in a great spot as he consistently flanked either Hurriwind or Snoopy eliminating them from the team fight instantly. Once the team fight became 5v4 for NRG, they found ways to get back into the game as they secured their own fire giant approaching the 45-minute mark. Yammyn kept NRG alive in this series and turned the Best-Of-Three into just a BO1.


Game three would not be similar to the previous two, instead it was all about the Nemesis out of Adapting. The goal of NRG was to shutdown the immobile Ymir frost giant played by Eonic. With three early deaths from the Trifecta support, NRG gained enough of an advantage to start taking objectives separating the gap between their opposition in both gold and experience. With this 2-1 victory over Trifecta, NRG Esports advance to the Semi Finals for Friday where they will take on Team Dignitas in a Best-Of-Five.

Team Rival 2-0 Spacestation Gaming

Spacestation Gaming was the first seeded North American team while Team Rival barely made it through as the last seeded European team. However, the way this series played out it would seem the opposite. Rival played hyper aggressive from the start in game one with Erlang Shen for Deathwalker, that ended up solo killing fineokay’s Sun Wukong diving the tier one solo tower. The goal from Rival in game one was to shut down Homiefe on the Camazotz and with the rotations from both KaLaS on Athena and the long range distance artillery shots from Wlfy’s Ra. With multiple speed and blue buff invades, iceicebaby on the Ravana established a 4-level lead over his opposition which tempted Spacestation to surrender at the 20-minute mark!


With the quickest game of the day, Rival truly showed how diverse they are by slowing down the pace of the game with a late game team composition. The Sobek solo for Deathwalker started to get online once finishing the Breastplate of Valor and Shoes of Focus. Being able to top the player damage and showing that guardians are still viable in the solo lane. The Odin jungle from iceicebaby was a good idea that shut down everyone except for andinster playing Hades. After a 4 for 2 trade in Rival’s favor at the 23-minute mark, the momentum started to pile up. With four gold furies and a fire giant under their belt, Team Rival would not be denied a 2-0 victory and advance to the Semi-Finals to face off the winners of the last set, Luminosity vs Obey Alliance.

Obey Alliance 2-0 Luminosity


The Spring split PC winners Obey Alliance did not hold anything back against Luminosity, a North American team that usually excels greatly during the online portion but barely qualified over eUnited for this event. Every role was behind their counterpart for Luminosity in game two, especially ScaryD that tried to make a level one play in the mid lane that got punished hard resulting in using an early teleport to get into his solo lane. Taking advantage of this with the Bellona, maniaKK successfully invaded blue buff several times and played aggressively, like he tends to do. PrettyPrime on his Zeus had plenty of space provided with how aggressive CaptainTwig was while on the Osiris. This game would also be a quick one ending around the 30-minute mark. This 2-0 victory claims Obey’s birthright into Semi-Finals for Friday where they will square up with Team Rival.


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Anatoliy “AnatoLiy” Alekseyenok is an Associate Esports Specialist at HiRez Studios. You can follow him on Twitter @iGAnatoLiy.