CaptainTwig and Baskin Locking it Down

| Article | June 27th, 2017

The last week of SPL Season 4 Summer Split action ended with a bang as all the teams that qualified to Dreamhack Valencia have been finalized. CaptainTwig from Europe and Baskin out of North America locked it down from their regions with a spectacular performance.


Benjamin “CaptainTwig” Knight

Game God Kills Deaths Assists KDA
Game One vs. Team Dignitas Osiris 3 1 7 6.5
Game Two vs. Team Dignitas Odin 6 0 13 12.5

Benjamin “CaptainTwig” Knight cranked up the gears as the online summer split was coming to an end. Whether it’s online or LAN, Benjamin can be seen playing a vast pool of gods in the jungle position. Recently preferring more towards the Ne Zha pick in the middle of the split but switching things up with aggressive warriors that like to dive the back line. The Osiris pick from CaptainTwig against Dignitas was specifically designed towards trying to eliminate some god selections from Variety as maniaKK locked in Bellona. It worked out really well for young Benjamin as he was a part of 10 of the total 12 team kills they had in game one. Successfully invading QvoFred’s speed buff from the start was the game plan from Twig and maniaKK. Despite losing his life while stealing the speed buff on the 2nd respawn, it still stripped away important experience from the Nemesis jungle out of Dignitas. Without much to farm for Qvo, CaptainTwig can always be seen 2-3 levels ahead of his opposition. Demoralized and beaten, Dignitas surrenders at the 19-minute mark.

Switching over to a more utility style in game two on the Odin, Twig had a flawless game without a single death obtaining a 12.5 KDA in that game alone. With the non-leap god composition from Team Dignitas, this Odin selection was a no brainer after the secondary ban phase was complete. By locking in numerous members, this allowed Ataraxia, on the Cernunnos, free reign when throwing his glaives. Winning this set 2-0 didn’t secure Obey Alliance into Dreamhack as they already did that last week after defeating Burrito Esports and splitting with Team Rival. However, it did lock them as the #2 European team into the LAN.

“Dominating the SPL is not something that can be learned or taught to fellow kin, it’s god given talent that I was born with.” – CaptainTwig

Kim “Baskin” Woon-young

Game God Kills Deaths Assists KDA
Game One vs. AI Sol 11 4 13 4.375
Game Two vs. AI Sol 11 2 8 7.5


Kim Baskin Woon-young continues to make huge impacts in his games, whether solo or mid. Playing the Sol both games against AI this week, Baskin provided an exorbitant amount of player damage in the lengthy game one; 62,000 over 54 minutes. Despite losing the first game, Baskin sticking to his guns with the Sol in the most important game of his teams summer split. Positioning himself aggressively with Mask throughout the game, Baskin found numerous kill opportunities. The defensive peels out of JeffHindla’s Terra was a blessing for the young mid laner out of Luminosity. With this victory young Woony and the rest of his team will be traveling to Spain to compete in Dreamhack Valencia this July 13th!


“I’m very happy with my teams progress throughout the split. We showed a trend of upward progression, and it was a lot of fun to play and improve with these guys. I think our biggest thing we need to work on is pick and bans, and if we improve our drafts we will be in a good position. Shout outs to my teammates, of course, and our ORG, Luminosity.” – Baskin


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Anatoliy “AnatoLiy” Alekseyenok is an Associate Esports Specialist at HiRez Studios. You can follow him on Twitter @iGAnatoLiy.