Wowy with QvoFred Controlled Week Three!

| Article | June 14th, 2017

As always, we commemorate the MVPs out of both Europe and North America in SPL. Dominant performance from the top-3 European teams with multiple members for consideration but it was none other than QvoFred that pulled in the highest KDA with a total of 17! Out of North America, Noble eSports and Wowy stepped up their game to have a flawless week and manage to catch up in the standings for Dreamhack Valencia.


Anders “QvoFred” Korsbo

Game God Kills Deaths Assists KDA
Game One vs. The Papis Ravana 5 0 5 7.5
Game Two vs. The Papis Camazotz 3 1 13 9.5


Anders “QvoFred” Korsbo is back at it again with an almost perfect weeks performance taking on the Papis. Against this former Challenger Circuit team, it wasn’t a complete surprise that the dominate Team Dignitas did not falter in their path. Without losing a single game thus far, QvoFred has usually been the go-to-guy for the team, whenever it’s not Variety playing the Osiris and wildly charging at his victims. The tactical execution from Anders has always been evident dating back to his days with Team Solo Mid when they won the SMITE Launch Tournament back in 2014. This set was no different for the Danish Jungler picking apart The Papis one by one in his well-timed rotations all over the map apart of the majority of his teams kills. After an early 14-minute surrender by the Spaniards in game one to Qvo’s hyper aggressive Ravana, the Camazotz was no different in game two as he continued to dive the back line like a bat out of hell!

Jacob “Wowy” Carter

Game God Kills Deaths Assists KDA
Game One vs. Team Allegiance Hou Yi 1 0 7 4.5
Game Two vs. Team Allegiance Hou Yi 2 1 4 4
Game One vs. eUnited Hou Yi 7 3 8 3.6
Game Two vs. eUnited Cernunnos 9 2 12 7.5


The hunter player from Noble eSports, Jacob “Wowy” Carter, has transformed into an absolute beast ever since his LAN debut back in Season 3 during Group Stages towards Super Regionals. A very confident player that isn’t going to shy away from an encounter. Respected highly among his peers, Wowy had an outstanding performance in his final game of the week against eUnited as he defended his own throne room with an unofficial penta kill! That’s not to take away credit from Aquarius who sacrificed his life to allow the play to unravel. It was a full team effort from Noble in not only that game but this whole week as they won all their four games against Team Allegiance and eUnited. Playing Hou Yi three out of four of his games, Wowy opted for life steal in his build in the form of Asi during the short games against Team Allegiance but then transitioned over to Bloodforge for the longer set with eUnited. However, as Cernunnos in his final game of the week, not needing lifesteal due to the shifting of the Spring season, he switched it up with Fatalis instead. As Wowy and the rest of Noble complete Week Three without dropping a game, they are just two points away from breaking into the top three in order to qualify for Dreamhack in Valencia! Week four Noble take on AI and to wrap things up for the final week will be Flash Point.




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Anatoliy “AnatoLiy” Alekseyenok is an Associate Esports Specialist at HiRez Studios. You can follow him on Twitter @iGAnatoLiy.