SPL Week 4 Rosters

| Featured Post | June 14th, 2017

Here are your official SPL Week 4 Rosters:

North America

Team Hunter Guardian Mid Jungle Solo
Luminosity Gaming BaRRaCCuDDa JeffHindla Baskin Mask ScaryD
Team AI Xenotronics Aror TheBest Elchapo Divios
eUnited PandaCat PolarBearMike Khaos Varizial1 Benji
Monkey Madness Zapman Jigz andinster Homiefe fineokay
Noble Wowy Wubbn MLCst3alth Skeeledon Aquarius
In Memory of Gabe Snoopy Eonic Hurriwind Cynosure KikiSoCheeky
Allegiance Oceans Neirumah Metyankey Weak3n Cyclonespin
Flash Point sops Shadowq ManRay Mirage Whalrus


Team Hunter Guardian Mid Jungle Solo
Team Dignitas Arkkyl Trixtank Zyrhoes QvoFred Variety
Team RivaL Vote KaLaS Wlfy iceicebaby Deathwalker
The Papis Warchi Dracomarino Ojoboom Dheylo iCreedx
NRG eSports emilitoo iRaffer Yammyn Adapting Dimi
Eanix Funballer BigManTingz Lawbster Faeles Duck3y
Burrito Kespainify Fusify DeathPanter Dzoni Sibi
Elevate Jermain Dardez Nulisa Cherryo N0Numbers
Obey Alliance Ataraxia EmilZy PrettyPriMe CaptainTwig maniaKK


The only notable change for Week 4 is Zapman. He has replaced Vetium as the starting hunter for Monkey Madness. Vetium is listed as one of their subs.

The SPL Summer Split is 5 weeks long, and roster locks will be taking place in one of two ways, whichever happens first:

  1. A team qualifies for Dreamhack Valencia.
  2. A player competes in an SPL game during Week 5.

If either of these events occur, a player will be locked to that particular team.