SCL Week 4 Recap

| News | June 13th, 2017

With week four of SCL action coming to a close, it’s becoming a lot more evident who we’ll probably be seeing in Valencia from both Europe and North America.


Eanix 2-0 Naventic

Team Rival 2-0 eRa Eternity

Monday kicked off again over in Europe, except this week the games were a little more one sided.

Naventic tried their best against Eanix to pick up some more points but unfortunately for them Eanix just completely swept the set away to earn themselves their first 3 points of the Summer Split.

After Eanix secured their 2-0 victory over Naventic, the pressure was on for Rival to perform in order to maintain the lead they’d established from last week. Even knowing they were the favored team to win, Rival still took their set against eRa Eternity very seriously–slow playing both games in order to ensure they wouldn’t make any mistakes. In the end their patience paid off, and Rival yet again secured another 2-0 victory–boosting their lead from 3 points to 6.

There’s only one week left before Valencia and all Rival have to do is win one more game to solidify their trip to Valencia. With everything on the line, really all that’s left to ask is if anyone from Europe can stand up to the European powerhouse?

North America

Starboys 1-1 Elevate

Astral Authority 2-0 Obey Alliance

Soar Gaming 1-1 Strictly Business

Rosterpocalypse is the main storyline for NA this week. Elevate, Strictly Business, and Soar all went through a couple of roster changes, and with only one week left of competition, it seems as though the switch-ups might’ve been the right decision.

Elevate had to swap out three of their original players, but that didn’t stop them from winning at least one game against Starboys. The new roster still has a long ways to go if they’re hoping to qualify for Valencia, but the possibility is there with them sitting at 3 points now as opposed to 2.

The second set was a quick one, and it was clear Astral Authority wanted to remind everyone why they were the ones who won the Masters LAN. Astral defeated Obey 2-0 in an incredibly fast set–both games were so heavily one-sided but more importantly Astral boosted their point count to 8, meaning they’re headed straight for Valencia no matter what.

To end the day on Monday, we saw Soar Gaming take on Strictly Business in one of the longest sets of the Summer Split. Ultimately, these two teams managed to split after over 80 minutes of gameplay.
The roster swaps both teams experienced seemed to mesh better than the originals, and with one week left both of these teams are hoping to try and qualify for Valencia, but in the end only one more team will be able to make it.

Crunch time is on for North America and Europe respectively. Only one more spot remains up for grabs in North America and with a few teams able to contest the position, next Monday’s games are going to be the ultimate make it or break it point for some of these NA teams–who will be able to stand up to the heat and make it?

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Melissa “thebesttaco” Posada is an Associate Esports Specialist at HiRez Studios. You can follow her on Twitter @thebesttaco.