SPL Summer Split Week Three Recap and Replays

| News | June 12th, 2017

Three out of five weeks in this SPL Summer Split has concluded as we proceed closer to Dreamhack Valencia! Four spots in Europe, three for North America with the last eighth spot going to a South American team. Let’s take a look how these 16 teams battled this week and progressed through their respective regions.


International Day – Thursday

The Papis 1-1 Team Rival

Burrito Esports 0-2 Elevate

Noble eSports 2-0 Team Allegiance

Flash Point 0-2 In Memory of Gabe

In a very surprising fashion, The Papis manged to pull the biggest upset playing spoiler to Team Rival. Controlling the game at a slow pace, Papis secured multiple gold furies without too much counter-play from Rival. By walking away with only a split against a team that they should’ve defeated rather handily, Team Rival’s current second position could be at jeopardy pending on the outcome of the next two weeks against Obey Alliance, Team Dignitas, and Elevate.

A set with two middle of the pact teams, Elevate secured a 2-0 victory over Burrito Esports.

Noble’s newest acquisition between Aquarius for the solo, and Skeeledon for jungle, is starting to pay off as they obtained their first victory this split in an amazing set against Team Allegiance! A slow start from Noble’s jungler to start off the game but ending with a bang once his Ne Zha had the damaging items he needed. In game two however, there would be nothing slow about the way Skeeledon’s Susano impacted the game. Along with MLCst3alth’s Nox, this jungle-mid combination made it extremely difficult for the Bellona-Camazotz combo of CycloneSpin and Weak3n.

Flash Point’s struggles continue facing off against In Memory of Gabe to start things off in week 3. A team that has leadership from Shadowq hasn’t had the necessary improvements from beginning of the split to obtain one victory during this summer split.

Europe – Saturday

Elevate 0-2 Obey Alliance

Burrito Esports 0-2 NRG Esports

The Papis 0-2 Team Dignitas

Team Rival 2-0 Eanix

Elevate are considered to be a team with a high ceiling that can play up to their competition at any given moment. This is why they are known as the split machines with all their splits against top tier teams in Season 3, and even Spring of Season 4. This set would prove otherwise as Obey Alliance in dominating fashion continuing to prove that their Spring Championship wasn’t a fluke.

Burrito Esports couldn’t pull a win against NRG Esports, two-time defending World Champions. Burrito would have the lead in the first game for a brief moment after their early gold fury after winning a team fight but upon the next gold fury revive, NRG were prepared and managed to steal the second one at the last second! That one play was required to shut down the early momentum out of Burrito to stagnate the game into the mid portion which is NRG’s ball game.

Team Dignitas are dominating the European scene again this week as they have yet to lose a single game. The newer SPL team, Papis, were no match for them.

Despite an earlier split against the Papis, Team Rival bounced back from their earlier set to a very impressive victory over Eanix. This set has some serious LAN stipulations as there are four EU spots available and both of these teams are in the running.

Team Points Wins Splits Losses
Team Dignitas 12 4 0 0
Team Rival 8 2 2 0
Obey Alliance 8 2 2 0
NRG Esports 8 2 2 0
Eanix 7 2 1 2
Elevate 4 1 1 3
The Papis 2 0 2 3
Burrito Esports 0 0 0 5

North America – Sunday

Team Allegiance 1-1 AI

eUnited 0-2 Noble eSports

Luminosity 2-0 Flash Point

Monkey Madness 2-0 In Memory of Gabe

Team Allegiance are in position to qualify to Dreamhack in Valencia with the way they’ve been playing. However, their previous 0-2 loss against Noble and now a split against reformed roster AI, formerly Eager, is slowing down their chances for LAN contention. It was all Oceans game one in this set while game two was new hunter player XenoTronics making it happen in the battleground of the gods.

The most epic set of Sunday, if not this week, if not this entire split, if not this entire season, was the eUnited vs Noble matchup. Going the distance in both games for 50+ minutes it was an offensive eUnited that repeatedly secured Fire Giant buffs for themselves but a greater defense from Noble protecting their own phoenixes. Wowy making a highlight play in game two by stopping all five eUnited members in the throne room.

Luminosity extend their point lead to 10 after a clean 2-0 victory over Flash Point. Compared the eUnited vs Noble set before, this one was not as lengthy or as epic. Flash Point are using this time to experiment with certain ideas and team compositions as they drafted Anubis both games for attempts to secure Gold Furies. Despite snatching away the first objective, Flash Point couldn’t do it a second time and fell hard to Luminosity once team fights rolled around.

Monkey Madness also grab 3 points against In Memory of Gabe which ties them for points alongside Luminosity but because they lost in their earlier head to head in Week Two, Luminosity controls that first place position. Andinster playing Agni in game one and Ra in game two keeps demonstrating flashes of aggressive talent and calculated plays as he was at the right place at the right time for a majority of his teams kills.

Team Points Wins Splits Losses
Luminosity 10 3 1 0
Monkey Madness 10 3 1 1
Team Allegiance 8 2 2 1
In Memory of Gabe 7 2 1 1
Noble Esports 6 2 0 3
AI 5 1 2 1
eUnited 4 1 1 2
Flash Point 0 0 0 4
Team RivaL vs. The Papis
Game 1 – 342230090 – spec pw: spl44
Game 2 – 342265911 – spec pw: spl44
Elevate vs. Burrito Esports
Game 1 –  342243380 – spec pw: spl44
Game 2 – 342270055 – spec pw: spl44
Obey Alliance vs. Elevate
Game 1 – 343619946 – spec pw: spl44
Game 2 – 343637340 – spec pw: spl44
NRG Esports vs. Burrito Esports
Game 1 – 343625235 – spec pw: spl44
Game 2 – 343641728 – spec pw: spl44
Team Dignitas vs. The Papis
Game 1 – 343629173 – spec pw: spl44
Game 2 – 343645361 – spec pw: spl44
Eanix vs. Team RivaL
Game 1 – 343633081 – spec pw: spl44
Game 2 – 343653890 – spec pw: spl44
Team Allegiance vs. Noble Esports
Game 1 – 342436980 – spec pw: spl44
Game 2 – 342458613 – spec pw: spl44
In Memory of Gabe vs. Flash Point
Game 1 – 342443923 – spec pw: spl44
Game 2 – 342467205 – spec pw: spl44
 Team AI vs. Team Allegiance
Game 1 – 344042660 – spec pw: spl44
Game 2 – 344062533 – spec pw: spl44
eUnited vs. Noble eSports
Game 1 – 344047900 – spec pw: spl44
Game 2 – 344073190 – spec pw: spl44
Luminosity vs. Flash Point
Game 1 – 344053524 – spec pw: spl44
Game 2 – 344066802  – spec pw: spl44
Monkey Madness vs. In Memory of Gabe
Game 1 – 344058923 – spec pw: spl44
Game 2 – 344080975 – spec pw: spl44

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