Snoopy and Variety Making the Impact

| Article | June 7th, 2017

Week two out of five wrapped up last weekend and the two players that made the biggest impact out of their respective region were Harry “Variety” Cumming, solo laner for Team Dignitas, and Evan”Snoopy” Jones, hunter for In Memory of Gabe.


Harry “Variety” Cumming

Game God Kills Deaths Assists KDA
Game One vs. Eanix Osiris 5 2 14 6
Game Two vs. Eanix Osiris 8 3 4 3.6

Variety is back at it again with his reckless nature playing the Osiris solo lane in both games against Eanix. Playing against Duck3y’s Terra in game one, an early gank from QvoFred secured a kill under Eanix’s tier one solo tower. Assist onto the kill of Duck3y, not even one minute later, Variety would secure the next kill onto Faeles and BigManTingz that QvoFred helped setup. Off the assist and two kills, Harry ended up three levels over his counterpart and demolished Duck3y’s tier one tower shortly after. Once the action shifted from the solo lane, the level 18 Osiris (in less than 18 minutes worth of game play) netted another two kills securing the second gold fury for his team extending their gold lead to 7,000. Feeling bold and ambitious, Team Dignitas called for a 20-minute Fire Giant call which was forced to reset after a contest from Eanix. Despite not securing the late game objective the first time around, Team Dignitas cleaned up their play winning a late game team fight 3-for-1 and then closed the game out.

In the second game, QvoFred played around his solo laner in the early stages. Not allowing Duck3y on the Sun Wukong any breathing room to farm as he was left alone in a 1v2 losing his side of the jungle while Faeles was focused on the duo lane. Eventually this jungle presence allowed Variety to build a three-level lead with all the jungle camps he squeezed in between minion waves. A quiet farming game comparatively to the slaughterhouse game one for Variety but once the action rolled around the 15-minute mark, the Osiris presence was prominent. Harry’s first rotation to the mid lane team fight resulted in Team Dignitas’ first gold fury. At the late game, Variety would not be denied a triple kill and an assist as he sacrificed himself under Eanix’s tier two tower to help kill Lawbster and allow his team access to an uncontested Fire Giant and a clean two game sweep.

Evan “Snoopy” Jones

Game God Kills Deaths Assists KDA
Game One vs. Noble Esports Rama 6 0 9 10.5
Game Two vs. Noble Esports Sol 9 2 7 6.25

Whether it’s the Hunter, or Mid, or back to Hunter, Evan “Snoopy” Jones can be seen making the highlight plays almost every single week but this week two was more special. On his signature Rama, Snoopy started things off with a bang acquiring two kills with his Astral Barrage after his team secured the first gold fury of the game. His accuracy was on point as he continued to kill additional Noble members upon the next gold fury revive. Despite playing against Wowy on the Hou Yi, Snoopy built Critical Strike worrying about other members with the Rage, Death Bringer, and even selling off his Ichivial in the late game for a Wind Demon. This late game build allowed Evan to climb the player damage charts, right underneath both of the mages.

The way Snoopy went about this set was almost surgical as he was patiently farming away in the earlier stages and allowing the action to come to him and once it did, he got a double kill on the Sol in game two. With Eonic on the Fafnir to rely on the attack speed steroid from his coerce, along with the 25% attack speed aura from Shogun’s Kusari, Snoopy would be able to build his passive heat meter very quickly which boosted his player damage to the top of the charts by a landslide.



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Anatoliy “AnatoLiy” Alekseyenok is an Associate Esports Specialist at HiRez Studios. You can follow him on Twitter @iGAnatoLiy.