SMITE OPL – Split Two Week Five Recap

| Featured Post | June 6th, 2017

By Jordan “Joslimity” Guest, Oceania League Coordinator with contribution from Alexander “HughZ” Hughes, OPL Commentator.

Top 3 teams, LG Dire Wolves, Legacy Esports and Kanga Esports secured for the Split 2 LAN finals. Dark Sided at the top of the Gauntlet.

Team Noxide has been coming to grips with their roster and have shown great improvement over the split. Unfortunately, Avant Garde have had a similar situation and have shown even more rapid improvement, taking the victory with an exciting base race at the end of game two. Avant Garde’s LiquidRenegade made the game-winning call to press on solo, with only the support of minions to take the match.

Following a strong performance in the first game followed by a win off the back of off-meta picks, Kanga Esports have qualified for the LAN finals at the end of the month. Kanga have kept the same roster for half a year now and especially against other teams with changing lineups, this perseverance has paid off. Dark Sided are now placed as top seed for the Gauntlet, and only need to win one match to secure a place at LAN.

The epic matchup of the week was LG Dire Wolves against Legacy Esports. Dire Wolves took the first game by storm, with Legacy on the ropes coming into the second game. Legacy found their feet in game two, and the Wolfpack held fast, capitalising on a few key moments to take the victory in the final week of the split. Both teams qualified for LAN finals.

That wraps up all matches before the Gauntlet, with Dire Wolves, Legacy, and Kangas secured for the LAN event at the CyberGamer Studio in Adelaide at the end of the month. The Gauntlet will take place next week, with the winner filling the fourth and final spot at LAN.

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