SCL Summer Split Week Three Recap

| Featured Post | June 6th, 2017

Week three for the Console Summer Split has come to a close, and up until yesterday’s matches we’d only been given a chance to watch North America duke it out for slots at Valencia, but now Europe’s entered the mix and with only a few weeks remaining the competition has really started heating up in both regions.


eRa Eternity 1-1 Naventic

Team Rival 2-0 Eanix

Monday started off pretty spicy with some European console action. With only four teams competing over the course of three weeks for a shot to make it to Valencia, every single set counts and so far the competition is looking incredibly stiff in the region.

The first set of the day was between eRa Eternity (formerly known as Quantum Gaming) and Naventic (formerly known as Duel Mains) with both teams managing to secure a win against each other in a very back and forth set, it was ultimately the drafting that ended up making the difference in both games.

Not to be left out of the action, Eanix (formerly known as Optimus Gang) really came out swinging against Team Rival but were unable to fully capitalize on mistakes made by the veteran squad, and in the end it was ultimately Rival who managed to close out the set with a 2-0 victory–earning themselves a hefty three points to start their Summer Split.

With only two weeks of competition remaining, it’s hard to say who will come out on top in Europe, but Rival’s certainly earned a nice head-start with their victory over Eanix.

North America

Astral Authority 2-0 Elevate

Soar Gaming 2-0 Starboys

Obey Alliance 2-0 Strictly Business

Following up on Europe’s Summer Split action was North America, except the NA console teams just finished off week three out of five, and it’s already pretty clear there’s a couple familiar faces looking pretty set to qualify for Valencia.

To start things off in NA Astral Authority were able to find a clean set victory against Elevate. Considering how highly regarded Elevate have been after the Masters LAN, this 2-0 victory for Astral only goes to show that this squad is still shaping out to be a top team in NA.

In the second set it was Soar Gaming who defeated Starboys in a convincing fashion, proving that they too have what it takes to potentially qualify for Valencia.

To wrap things up on Monday, it was Obey Alliance completely dominating Strictly Business for a quick 2-0 victory. If there were any fans still having doubts about how Obey would perform with the addition of their new ADC, Mancer72, they should be completely erased because Obey are shredding through everyone in NA right now online, and they’ve all but practically qualified for Valencia already.

As stated earlier though, this was week three of five completed for NA, and while Obey Alliance are looking fairly solidified for Valencia, it’s still up in the air as to who else will be joining them by the end of the Summer Split!

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