SPL Summer Split Week Two Recap

| Article | June 5th, 2017

Week two out of five for the Summer Split concludes as we approach closer to Dreamhack in Spain, Valencia. There are four spots available for Europe, three out of North America, and the last slot reserved for the best South American team. Let’s take a look at how these 16 teams are doing for the 7 available spots.


International Day – Thursday

Burrito Esports 0-2 Eanix

Noble eSports 0-2 Monkey Madness

eUnited 2-0 Team Eager

NRG Esports 1-1 Obey Alliance

As always, Thursdays is dedicated to mixed action of North America and Europe. Starting things off with Eanix against Burrito, the double warrior between Faeles on the Ravana and BigManTingz playing Bellona was penetrating the back line effortlessly giving Lawbster enough safety to deal top player damage on The Morrigan. Second game Burrito Esports fought valiantly for 24 minutes straight but despite securing themselves two gold furies, they couldn’t extend their lead large enough to close out the game, giving the veterans out of Eanix enough time to start tipping the game in their favor by finding the late game picks.

Second set of the international day transferred over to North America as andinster, mid laner from Monkey Madness, showed us the true potential out of Hades after making a brilliant play 1v5 to be able to steal the gold fury objective!

Last North American set of the day wasn’t a pleasant one for Team Eager, especially for sam4soccer2, their jungler. Varizial on the Thor in both games dictated the pace of both games with his long range setup between the semi-global ultimate and the wall.

To wrap things up on Thursday, an epic slobber knocker of a SWC 2017 finals rematch – Obey Alliance against NRG Esports. CaptainTwig playing Ne Zha was all over the place as he almost had 100% kill participation for his team in game one. However, NRG would not falter in the second game. A slow start between both of these elite teams as there wasn’t a second kill up until the 11-minute mark. The tide would turn six minutes later as NRG won an epic team fight eliminating every member from Obey Alliance and picking up the tier two mid tower and Gold Fury shortly after bringing them into a substantial lead. With this last set resulting in a split, it’s still unclear as to which teams out of Europe will secure their spot heading into Valencia!

Europe – Saturday

The Papis 0-2 Obey Alliance

Elevate 0-2 NRG Esports

Burrito Esports 0-2 Team Rival

Eanix 0-2 Team Dignitas

No surprise as the defending Spring Split winners Obey Alliance were able to mow down the Papis cleanly in their two game set.

NRG Esports had their best performance in their set against Elevate. Very clean performance as they executed their strategies patiently without overextending eventually resulting in some missteps from Elevate that were quickly taken advantage of.

Team Rival, unlike week one against NRG, got a clean two game victory over their opponents this week, Burrito Esports. Despite picking Freya for Vote in both games, their early game carried them through it and the Queen of the Valkyries didn’t have the presence that was required from her. The anticipated last European set of the week would dictate who is truly the best in this current spot of the SPL Summer Split.

Variety, solo laner for Team Dignitas, put on an absolute clinic on Eanix with his Osiris both games just creating havoc in the enemy back line granting his team an additional three points securing their number one position – for now.

Team Points Wins Splits Losses
Team Dignitas 9 3 0 0
Eanix 7 2 1 1
Obey Alliance 5 1 2 0
NRG Esports 5 1 2 0
Team Rival 4 1 1 0
Elevate 1 0 1 2
The Papis 1 0 1 2
Burrito Esports 0 0 0 3

North America – Sunday

Flash Point 0-2 Team Eager

Team Allegiance 2-0 eUnited

Noble eSports 0-2 In Memory of Gabe

Monkey Madness 0-2 Luminosity

With the beginning of the North American day for Week Two, the first set was Flash Point against Team Eager. A big announcement from Eager as veteran Hunter player Zapman announced on Twitter that he will be taking a break indefinitely AFTER this set. Their newest jungler Sam4Soccer2 finally had an amazing performance with Susano in both games but it was against the struggling Flash Point team. This could be the potential confidence boost this team needs to ride off in order to qualify for Dreamhack Valencia.

The second set was a great performance by Weak3n in the first game as he dominated with Ravana against Varizial’s Arachne. In the second game, eUnited tried to adjust by picking Osiris for Benji, Bellona for Varizial and banning Hercules along with Sun Wukong in the secondary ban phase attempting to target CycloneSpin. The Allegiance solo laner wasn’t deterred as his Vamana play helped escalate his team in a winning position with his rotations.

The legandary duo lane between Eonic and Snoopy showed signs of old COG RED. Between the two games, Snoopy played Rama and Sol respectively with a collective 15 kills, 2 deaths, and 16 assists. Only playing two sets thus far, In Memory of Gabe have an opportunity to catch up to that top three position with Flash Point and Monkey Madness among the horizon for week three.

A legendary match up between legendary players with the last set of the day, Monkey Madness against Luminosity. An incredibly tense first game up until the 24-minute mark where Luminosity burned the Fire Giant extremely quickly between the late game Sol from Baskin and Hou Yi from BaRRaCCuDDa. Second game was less than eventful for Monkey Madness with ScaryD performing a level 1 gank on the mid lane catching andinster off guard for an early first blood. Luminosity didn’t take their foot off the gas pedal, racking in more kills eventually leading to an early 19-minute mark Fire Giant where Monkey Madness felt the pressure resulting in an early surrender. With three additional points, Luminosity is tied with Team Allegiance at 7 points each with a split head to head record.

Team Points Wins Splits Losses
Luminosity 7 2 1 0
Team Allegiance 7 2 1 0
Monkey Madness 7 2 1 0
eUnited 4 1 1 0
In Memory of Gabe 4 1 1 0
Team Eager 4 1 1 1
Noble Esports 0 0 0 3
Flash Point 0 0 0 3
Eanix vs. Burrito Esports
Game 1 – 340382809 – spec pw: spl33
Game 2 – 340391004 – spec pw: spl33
Obey Alliance vs. NRG Esports
Game 1 – 340385038 – spec pw: spl33
Game 2 – 340393229 – spec pw: spl33
Obey Alliance vs. The Papis
Game 1 – 340909014 – spec pw: spl33
Game 2 – 340920205 – spec pw: spl33
NRG Esports vs. Elevate
Game 1 – 340914374 – spec pw: spl33
Game 2 – 340923138 – spec pw: spl33
Team RivaL vs. Burrito
Game 1 – 340916220 – spec pw: spl33
Game 2 – 340924942 – spec pw: spl33
Team Dignitas vs. Eanix
Game 1 – 340918521 – spec pw: spl33
Game 2 – 340927289 – spec pw: spl33
Monkey Madness vs. Noble eSports
Game 1 – 340444201 – spec pw: spl33
Game 2 – 340449857 – spec pw: spl33
Team Eager vs. eUnited
Game 1 – 340447147 – spec pw: spl33
Game 2 – 340452970 – spec pw: spl33
Team Eager vs. Flash Point
Game 1 – 341118856 – spec pw: spl33
Game 2 – 341128363 – spec pw: spl33
eUnited vs. Team Allegiance
Game 1 – 341120973 – spec pw: spl33
Game 2 – 341132416 – spec pw: spl33
In Memory of Gabe vs. Noble eSports
Game 1 – 341123174 – spec pw: spl33
Game 2 – 341133078 – spec pw: spl33
Luminosity vs. Monkey Madness
Game 1 – 341126011 – spec pw: spl33
Game 2 – 341135582 – spec pw: spl33

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