SMITE OPL – Split 2 Week 2 Recap

| Featured Post | May 18th, 2017

By Jordan “Joslimity” Guest, Oceania League Coordinator with contribution from Alexander “HughZ” Hughes, OPL Commentator.

Dark Sided prove that the dominant LG Dire Wolves are mortal, while the momentum builds for Kanga Esports.

Team Noxide were up against Kanga Esports in the first match of the second split for both teams. Noxide were kicking off the split with role swaps and roster changes, and although they gave Kangas a run for their money, it was not enough. Kangas start the split on a high, taking the win. Though once the Noxide roster settles, who knows what they will be capable of.

The headline of the split to date can be drawn from Dark Sided versus carry over champs LG Dire Wolves who were undefeated last split, as their match ended in a draw! Dark Sided have picked up Laney, Beast and Yada and displayed great synergy under their veteran leader Gruff. Lack of practice due to travel from the Wolfpack was a contributing factor and they promised to come back stronger, though the result shows that the skill gap is closing in the region.

Avant Garde made the top 4 last split with Kanga Esports nipping at their heels, and Kangas played this match like they had something to prove. Although Avant seemed to have Kangas number in the previous split, history did not repeat itself and Kangas defeated Avant in both games, taking the win. Avant are definitely not out for the count and their team has high potential, the only question is when will they be able to convert that potential into results?

Legacy Esports played Team Noxide in the final match, with an absolutely dominant performance in the first game, with only 2 deaths amongst the whole team. Noxide fought back in the second game, with a notable performance from Tekzy, though they were unable to even the set out and Legacy took the win.

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