SPL Summer Relegations Winners

| Announcement | May 15th, 2017

Season 4 SPL Summer Relegations occurred last weekend for both Europe and North America. Four teams per region would compete in Best-Of-One Group Play. Two entire different sets of teams from the spectrum qualified through. Out of Europe on Saturday, the two challenger cup teams found victories over the struggling SPL teams. Meanwhile in North America during Mothers Day it was the two defending SPL teams holding onto their spot.


Saturday – Day One – Europe


The Papis 3-0

Solo – IcreeDx

Jungle – Dheylo

Mid – Ojoboom

Support – Dracomarino

Hunter – Warchi

The Papis is a team that flirted with SPL ever since it’s inception in Season 2. Battling through internet issues and unfortunate mishaps, it took a while for Warchi and the squad to be able to make it here in the SMITE Pro League. Without dropping a single game in the European Relegations, this Spanish team is looking to play the home favorites heading into the Summer Split which is leading up to Dreamhack Valencia!


Optimus Gang 2-1

Solo – Sibi

Jungle – Dzoni

Mid – DeathPanter

Support – Fusify

Hunter – Kespainify

Optimus Gang showing us all why they are meant to deserve a chance to compete in the EU SPL. Despite having a different roster from the gauntlet, with the exception of Sibi, where they defeated Sanguine 2-0 then lost to Lion Guard eSports, this newer OG still getting it done online. Dzoni, playing the Thor, against both Sanguine and Novus Orsa had a 90% kill participation and 80 the next. The aggressive nature from the team composition and the play from Optimus Gang granted them enough wins for entry into EU SPL but the question remains is how they will perform against the best of the best.

Sunday – Day Two – North America


Flash Point 3-0

Solo – DanteLeFargo

Jungle – Mirage

Mid – Sheyka

Support – Shadowq

Hunter – sops

Shadowq continues to lead his boys from Flash Point no matter who decides to stay in between splits. Incon formerly mid now being replaced by Challenger player Sheyka. Meanwhile DanteLeFargo makes his competitive debut in the solo lane after vigorous grinding sessions in the ranked ladder. There’s nothing soppy about their hunter either as he made some all star plays helping lead his team to an undefeated record in the Relegations!

Noble eSports 2-1

Solo – Aquarius

Jungle – Copebby

Mid – MLCst3alth

Support – Wubbn

Hunter – Wowy

Noble’s roster is far from what their organizations name entails. Having to bounce and replace players, just like Flash Point, this SPL team also manages to hold onto their spot heading into the Dreamhack Valencia split. With ElChapo and Uzzy gone, Copebby and Aquarius fill their shoes. Successfully able to net two out of three wins against both challenger cup teams SPL Gatekeepers and Quignitas. This has been a roster that is still looking to find it’s true identity in the next coming split.


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Anatoliy “AnatoLiy” Alekseyenok is an Associate Esports Specialist at HiRez Studios. You can follow him on Twitter @iGAnatoLiy.