SMITE Pro League – Summer Relegations

| Article | May 11th, 2017

SMITE Masters concluded just a few weeks ago but we’re already about to head into the Summer Split for the SMITE Pro League. Let’s take a look at the format and details for this weekend and how teams play their way into the league.


The SMITE Pro League Summer Split Relegations will be a round robin tournament where each team plays each other once in a Best of One. The bottom two teams from the SMITE Pro League Spring Split and the top two teams from the Challenger Circuit will compete for both regions.

The top two teams in each region will advance to the SMITE Pro League Summer Split.

General Info:

  • Ganesha will be unavailable
  • Patch – 4.8

Broadcast Times:

  • Saturday, May 13th @ 1:00pm EDT – Europe
  • Sunday, May 14th @ 1:00pm EDT – North America

Games will be broadcast on!



  • Sanguine vs. Optimus Gang
  • Novus Orsa vs. The Papis
  • Novus Orsa vs. Sanguine
  • Optimus Gang vs. The Papis
  • Novus Orsa vs. Optimus Gang
  • Sanguine vs. The Papis

North America

  • Flash Point vs. SPL Gatekeepers
  • Noble vs. Quignitas
  • Noble vs. Flash Point
  • SPL Gatekeepers vs. Quignitas
  • Noble vs. SPL Gatekeepers
  • Flash Point vs. Quignitas

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