SMITE Oceania Pro League Split 2 Details

| Featured Post | May 10th, 2017

SMITE Oceania Pro League Split Two Details

Breakdown of Gauntlet Format and Prize Pool

The next split of SMITE Oceania Pro League will offer a prize pool of $25,000 and is kicking off with a bang at IEM Sydney on May 7th!  The first matches of IEM will count towards the league season while also acting as a $10,000 exhibition event.

Following that, the 6 pro teams will play off through May and June, for qualification into a LAN final at CyberGamer Studio on June 24-25.

For each team, placing highly enough to qualify into the 3rd and final split is imperative, as the chance to go to SMITE World Championships at the 2018 Hi-Rez Expo depends on it.

Understanding the importance of growing the community from the grassroots level, in parallel to the OPL, an open Challenger’s Cup season will run to find the top amateur teams. For three weeks, the ladder will be open, allowing new players to enjoy both social and competitive play to find their feet, followed by a group stage of the highest rank teams. For the first time, Challenger’s Cup will have a cash prize for its grand finals.

In a new format for the league, these open qualifier teams can then fight through a Gauntlet bracket against Pro teams with the opportunity to go all the way, and join the LAN finals.  After five weeks of OPL the top 3 teams qualify directly into the finals, while the bottom three will face the Gauntlet. There, the best Challenger Cup team will round out a single elimination knockout bracket of four teams.

The last Gauntlet team standing will also join the LAN finals. As with every split, the top four team organisations hold their spot over into the next split of competition.

The Teams:


We have seen steady progress in quality of the scene with 2015 establishing pro league, to finals at PAX Australia and the first team appearance at Worlds. 2016 saw growth in team quality and we established 3 consecutive Splits, increased the prize pool and Split Final LANs, then finished with a dedicated event for the community, Hi-Rez Oceania Championships 2016.

This year, we saw the addition of International LAN to earlier splits and global HiRezTV broadcast, meaning more fans than ever are seeing our local teams play week to week before facing off against the international heavyweights at SMITE Masters events.

Here’s how the Split 2 format will work in detail.

Schedule and Format for Split 2

  • Gauntlet format: Detailed Below
  • The top four teams from Split One will retain their spot without requalification.  
  • The bottom two teams will play off in Relegations (VS top of Challenger’s Cup)
  • Matches will remain Series of Two (Consistent with Season Ticket)


Oceania Pro League (SMITE OPL)

  • League segment runs 5 Weeks
  • Six teams playing in Series of 2 (Bo2), everyone plays once
  • Top 3 Teams go to LAN
  • Last spot at LAN determined by a Gauntlet Tournament
  • Note on Week One. The top four teams of Split One will play their first round matches at IEM Sydney. We will schedule week one matchups accordingly.
    • The first two game results of semi finals matches at IEM, will be taken as as that team’s Series of 2 result for the Split 2 League.
    • The teams in positions 5 and 6 will be matched for an online match to be scheduled (Saturday 6th, or at some point during the week before Week 2)
  • Note: Relegations/Qualification pre-Split two: Teams 1-4 prequalify for OPL. Teams 5-6 will be qualified in a Relegations tournament against the top two teams of Split One Challengers. CC finals and Relegations will be one event.


  • Gauntlet consists of: top of Challenger Cup (CC) + 4th, 5th, 6th OPL (more incentive for CC teams)
  • Single elimination Gauntlet will play out with byes granted to higher seeded teams, matches will run from bottom to top:
    • Match 1 CC team vs 6th OPL.
    • Match 2 Winner Match 1 vs 5th Place OPL
    • Match 3 Winner Match 2 vs 4th Place OPL >  (Winner to LAN)
  • Gauntlet to be played out a few days/weekend after end of regular season.
    • Allows CC teams and lower OPL teams a real shot at LAN finals
    • Provides 2 weeks between League and LAN
    • 2-3 weeks between LAN and Dreamhack

Challenger’s Cup Format

  • Open Ladder for 2-3 weeks (to be finalised internally), then Groups, then Finals
  • Runs parallel schedule to OPL
  • Groups: After Open, the top 6-8 teams will go into Groups. (6-8 To be Finalised)
  • Groups to have have 2 weeks of play, if Open is 3 weeks, or one weekend of two days: Group 1 = Day 1, Group 2 = Day 2.
  • Groups play each other once (2 sets with 6 teams, 3 sets per team with 8 teams)
  • Finals will be Top 4 teams (Top 2 from each group). Single elimination.
  • Finals Top two win cash prizing. Winner goes to Gauntlet.
  • Information on Split One Relegations is here


    • Finals to be determined by June 25th.
    • Top 4 teams to Compete. Proposed format of:
      • Two Semi Finals (Day One)
      • Grand Final (Day Two)
  • Alongside: Paladins Path To DreamHack: Grand Final – top two (Day Two)
  • Top 4 teams receive bonus prize pool.



For more information regarding the Oceania Pro League, be sure to follow us on Twitter – @SmitePro!