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| Article | April 20th, 2017

Team Rival won the Season 4 Spring Gauntlet out of Europe, SoaR Gaming out of North America, and lastly NRG eSports from the Wildcard match. However, there would be a great injustice if we didn’t recognize a new team that went the distance out of the North American Gauntlet.


Oxygen Supremacy

Solo – KikiSoCheeky

Jungle – Skeeledon

Mid – Venenu

Support – Neirumah

Hunter – DayToRemeber

Comprised of two former Team EnVyUs players, former ALG Hunter Venenu and two solid Challenger Circuit players in the duo lane, Oxygen Supremacy has been quietly training for the Gauntlet against eUnited, previously known as Enemy. Khaos, the mid player for eUnited, had some positive words for this Challenger Circuit team post LAN about their practice sessions together:

“They basically seem to run anything and don’t tend to tilt often. When they’re trying things it isn’t just one player it seems like they devised a draft behind the scenes and went in to try it. They will also try the draft in many different permutation to see why it works and why it doesn’t. They may rerun comps multiple games and adjust how they play to see if it works. W/L was maybe give or take 50/50 overall. Some weeks it was 70/30 them, other weeks it was 30/70 us. They probably had the edge on us in scrims more often than we did on them but we usually adjusted later in the week to remedy that. I think they’re going to stomp relegations because they’re a top SPL team already imo. They just need to prove that they’re consistent. In SPL I see them as being top 4 at least, can’t say for certain top 2 yet.” – Khaos


Oxygen Supremacy 2-0 Flash Point

Flash Point played aggressively off the gate as their solo laner, Aquarius, dominated KikiSoCheeky on the Vamana. However, once the levels stabilized for the solo lanes, the big baby was quite the nuisance for Incon and Xenotronics to get into the team fights on their late game Poseidon and Artemis respectively. As the first game went in the Challengers favor, this would be the beginning of a long hill to climb for Oxygen Supremacy.

The mid-jungle synergy for Oxygen Supremacy was clearly a force to be reckoned with. Combining for 19 out of their teams 23 total kills, Venenu playing Thoth and Skeeledon on the Susano ends with top two player damage respectively. Oxygen Supremacy wins the second game of the Best-Of-Three set against Flash Point in under 27 minutes of play. Marks one in the victim category while Venenu defeats former Team Allegiance teammate Incon.

Oxygen Supremacy 2-0 Noble eSports

Flash Point was the first stepping stone for Oxygen Supremacy in a long journey but Noble eSports would be more formidable. Skeeledon on the Hun Batz made Noble look less than formidable getting an early two kills on both Uzzy and Elchapo. Straying from the normal picks and ban strategies that most teams tend to run, OS not only had double sustain but a double hunter composition which allowed them to heavily win the mid game team fights, especially after building a comfortable early lead. With 9,000 gold over their opposition, Oxygen Supremacy continue their streak at three.

Oxygen got off to a solid start in the second game against Noble but after a delayed rotation from Wowy, he was able to clean up allowing his teammates to get back into the game after taking out both of the mid towers from OS. The sustain from Venenu’s Chiron and Skeeledon’s Chang’e allowed the newer team to remain in the lead, winning a team fight and netting their Third Gold fury of the game. Having to defend against Fire Giant in a 3v5 after a slip up from two of their members, DayToRemeber cuts the distance with the Rolling Assault and steals the late game objective! This would be the final nail in the coffin for Noble eSports as the double sustain and double hunter composition with Fire Giant Buff was overwhelming. Oxygen Supremacy has tallied two teams in the defeat category all the while Venenu tallies his second former Team Allegiance teammate MLCst3alth.

Oxygen Supremacy 2-0 Team Allegiance

Currently winning four games in a row and eliminating Flash Point, along with Noble eSports, Oxygen Supremacy start things off with a bang in this set too. It was evident at this point that OS did their homework and preparation for picks and bans. No player from this Challenger team has played the same god more than twice heading into this fifth game of the day for them. With the heavy burst from the Ao Kuang jungle and the double sustain from NeiruMah’s Terra and DayToRemeber’s Cupid, the “underdogs” made Team Allegiance seem discombobulated. Winning the first game of this set in less than 26 minutes, it didn’t seem there was any stopping this new team.

Oxygen Supremacy have no limitations with what their willing to bring out in the Battleground of the Gods. Skeeledon on the He Bo jungle opted for an aggressive blink rune relic upon reaching level 12. Between the He Bo and the double hunters of Chiron for Venenu and Skadi for DayToRemeber, towers and objectives melted whenever OS chose to group up. Oceans would not have a good game on the Cupid as the player he replaced, Venenu, found redemption in the early stages while the actual hunter DayToRemeber outplayed and earned a solo kill against the young Canadian Hunter. The 5-man grouping from Oxygen Supremacy could not be stopped and Venenu defeated former teammate Weak3n which makes it elimination number three of his former teammates from Team Allegiance back in Season Three. Only Copebby would be spared as he wasn’t in attendance.

Oxygen Supremacy 1-2 In Memory of Gabe

Being warmed up after winning 6 games in a row and eliminating three teams thus far, Oxygen Supremacy didn’t stop here in the first game against In Memory of Gabe. DayToRemeber, alongside Skeeledon, heavily focused Snoopy in the duo lane and it prevented this late game Rama from effectively carrying, placing his damage in the middle of the pact. Gabe were able to win a late game team fight picking off Venenu and NeiruMah but the rest of OS took out Gabe’s middle phoenix as they were preoccupied securing the Fire Giant objective. Losing only two middle towers, OS held onto their mid phoenix and the rest of their side towers during the late game siege from Gabe. The two Hunters, Hurriwind on Cupid and Snoopy on Rama, tried to follow up from Whalrus’ blink ultimate engage on the Odin but a great counter-ultimate from Skeeledon on the Susano along with Kiki on the Xing Tian devastated multiple health bars allowing the rest of their teammates to win this late game team fight convincingly.

Unfortunately for the Oxygen crew, their streak would end in the second game against Memory of Gabe. Perhaps having too much confidence from the Challenger Circuit team as both Skeeledon and DayToRemeber had very aggressive positioning which Gabe found ways to exploit. The mobility from Cynosure’s Thor global ultimate and the follow up long range artillery from Hurriwind’s Thoth punished Oxygen Supremacy and was the beginning of the end for the North American challenger team.

After losing the previous game, Oxygen Supremacy lost all momentum they had and collapsed upon themselves in this third and final game against Memory of Gabe. Despite the score lines being relatively similar at the 20-minute mark, an over-extension from Oxygen Supremacy allowed Gabe to push the game over the edge as they eliminated four OS members and demolished both middle towers, along with the mid phoenix. Playing very cautiously, the squad from Gabe didn’t allow any sort of comeback once they’ve established a hefty 9,000 gold lead after their 3rd Gold Fury of the game.

The benefit of scrimming eUnited has certainly prepared Oxygen Supremacy to go the distance winning 7 out of 9 games played, eliminating three teams from the North American Gauntlet.

“So I would say we scrimmed eUnited about 85% of the time, 10% ALG, and 5% Soar. At LAN we got a ton of scrims in as well. The first day we scrimmed against Elevate. The next day we scimmed Lion Guard, Elevate, and Eanix. We would usually scrim from 7-10 EST everyday including weekends. If we ever had an off night or picks changed, say for example a god we were expecting performed very well over a couple of games, we would sit down watch VODs and talk about it. This meant VOD review had no set day but usually went over them 1-3 times a week. Biggest difference from this team and previous teams I’ve been on is really 2 things. It doesn’t feel like I am playing with teammates, it feels like I am playing with friends. We play games outside of smite with each other. The other is complete trust in each other. Just believing in your teammates do the correct thing without any form of hesitation really showed at the LAN. When mah would go in we would instantly ready to follow up.” – Skeeledon

Oxygen Supremacy will be up against Quignitas, Flash Point, and Noble eSports in the upcoming Relegations. We’ll make a follow up post with more details as we approach the event. Stay tuned on HiRezTV!

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Anatoliy “AnatoLiy” Alekseyenok is an Associate Esports Specialist at HiRez Studios. You can follow him on Twitter @iGAnatoLiy.