Meeting in the Middle

| Article | April 5th, 2017

In a time where the SMITE meta shifts, along with players joining other teams, there are other times where players make necessary changes to the role that they play. There has been a few players that shifted from their old positions that they’ve built a name for themselves to set off in new horizons. Originally all on the same team together in the later stages of Season Three; andinster, Baskin, and Metyankey changed from their original designated role to Middle.


Baskin – Luminosity

13 Points – 3 Wins – 4 Splits – 0 Losses


Kim “Baskin” Woon-young has a rich history in his first role as a solo laner. He showed great promise of raw mechanical skill and got picked up by andinster and BaRRaCCuDDa’s Cloud9 in Season 2 when Omega left. Considered by many to be the best solo laner in the world, if not the best player, young woony has since shifted to the mid role going back to BaRRaCCuDDa and his Luminosity squad. We haven’t seen the same kind of domination from Baskin compared to previous past in the solo lane. Mainly due to the fact that there is no 1v1 opportunity for Kim to really demonstrate his superior prowess as the Jungler and Supports are usually nearby. However, this doesn’t mean that Baskin isn’t making an impact to assist his team in some major victories. Paired up with Mask from the Jungle, these two players have dominated the North American scene thus far in Season Four being able to finish second place online and qualified for their spot into the SMITE Masters.

andinster – SoaR Gaming

10 Points – 3 Wins – 1 Split – 3 Losses


Andrew “andinster” Woodward originally grew and developed his SMITE talents from the Jungle. As a Jungler, andinster won SWC 2015, lost in the SWC 2016 Semi-Finals to Epsilon and did not find any success against Obey Alliance in SWC 2017 Quarter-Finals. It’s a remarkable achievement just to be able to make the SMITE World Championships three years consecutively but there is a clear distinct line that is showing diminishing results for Andrew. In attempts to bend this line back up towards progression, andinster decides to step down from his old Jungle role to go for a more laid back position in the Mid as he has a great deal of trust and respect for his new Jungler Homiefe. Despite andinster and his teammates in SoaR Gaming struggling for the first three weeks of Season Four between dealing with their old solo laner leaving and playing against both Team Eager and Luminosity to kick things off, they still find themselves sitting in a rather comforting position in the Gauntlet. With the 10 points collected throughout the online portion, this team only needs to win two Best-Of-Threes to make it to the Masters LAN.

Metyankey – Team Allegiance

6 Points – 1 Win – 3 Splits – 3 Losses


Michael “Metyankey” Fasciano started off as a support player when starting his SMITE professional career. However, he had great success as a Hunter in the beginning of Season Three when he joined Problem Solved, later to be known as SoaR Gaming. A relatively easy transition as support players and hunters know what is needed to be done in the duo laning phase. However, to go from the duo lane to the mid lane is not the easiest one to make and the stats portray Metyankey and Team Allegiances struggles thus far. Being led by Weak3n out of the Jungle, Metyankey developed his own style since. Playing 8 different gods in 14 games, Michael adapted to the unpredictable draft composition from Team Allegiance. However, there is a fine line between being malleable for the greater good and solidifying your play to prevent any opposition from poking holes. Having the least success of the three, Metyankey and Team Allegiance need to win four Best-Of-Threes in order to qualify for the Masters LAN later this month!


Watch Metyankey and andinster compete in the North American Gauntlet April 14th at 11:00 AM EDT (5:00 PM CEST). Whoever is successful from this phase will join Baskin and Luminosity in SMITE Masters beginning April 27th on HiRezTV!

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Anatoliy “AnatoLiy” Alekseyenok is an Associate Esports Specialist at HiRez Studios. You can follow him on Twitter @iGAnatoLiy.