SMITE Masters Format and Broadcast Details

| Featured Post | April 4th, 2017

The SMITE Pro League Spring Split is almost over and it culminates right here at the Masters LAN in Atlanta, GA! North America, Europe, Latin America, Oceania and Brazil will be battling for their right to call themselves SMITE Masters, as well as take home a very nice cash prize! Let’s take a quick look at the format and prizing for this upcoming LAN event!


1st – Obey Alliance
2nd – Team Eager
3rd – Team Dignitas
4th – Luminosity
5th – Team Rival
6th – SoaR Gaming
7th – LaTam Representative – TBD
8th – NRG Esports
9th – LG Dire Wolves
10th – Black Dragons

Format: Single Elimination

Thursday, April 27th (Starts at 11 AM EST)

  • LatAm CSL Split One Finals (Best of 5)
    • Match 1: Isurus Gaming vs. Valorous Team (Determines 7th overall seed)
  • Round 1 (All Matches are Best of 3)
    • Match 2: Gauntlet Wild Card Winner vs. LG Dire Wolves
    • Match 3: LatAm Finals Winner vs Black Dragons

Friday, April 28th (Starts at 11 AM EST)

  • Quarterfinals (All Matches are Best of 3)
    • Match 1: Quarterfinal 1
    • Match 2: Quarterfinal 2
    • Match 3: Quarterfinal 3
    • Match 4: Quarterfinal 4

Saturday, April 29th (Starts at 11 AM EST)

  • Semifinals (All Matches are Best of 5)
    • Match 1: Quarterfinal 1 Winner vs. Quarterfinal 2 Winner
    • Match 2: Quarterfinal 3 Winner vs. Quarterfinal 4 Winner

Sunday, April 30th (Starts at 11 AM EST)

  • Finals (Best of 5)
    • Match 1: Semifinal 1 Winner vs. Semifinal 2 Winner


1st – $50,000
2nd – $30,000
3rd – $10,000
4th – $10,000
5th – $5,000
6th – $5,000
7th – $5,000
8th – $5,000
9th – $0
10th – $0
11th – $0

Total: $120,000

Twitch Drops

Once again we will be randomly dropping skins of each team’s choosing whenever they win a game! Make sure to link your Twitch and HiRez accounts here in order to have a chance to receive drops!

Obey Alliance – Baron Frostchild Ymir
Team Eager – Lunar Tango Chang’e
Team Dignitas – Steel Samurai Susano
Luminosity – Constable Moosejaw Chiron
Team Rival – Ba55 Drop Janus
SoaR Gaming – Hou Ru Kai Hou Yi
Isurus – Warlord Kumbhakarna
Valorous – Derpules Hercules
NRG Esports – Super Chronos 64
LG Dire Wolves – Galactic Invader Ah Puch
Black Dragons – Hun.Bat Hun Batz

In addition to the drops of each team’s choosing, (as long as your accounts are linked and you are watching the broadcast) you will have a chance to get any of the following: Regular Season Chests, Big Event Chests, FP, and Gems!

Broadcast Information

You can watch all of the games in Smite Masters LAN starting at 11:00 AM EST on starting on April 27th!

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