Oceania Pro League Split One – Week Seven Recap

| Article | April 3rd, 2017

By Jordan “Joslimity” Guest, Oceania League Coordinator.

Both Kanga Esports and Team Noxide take a game each from Legacy, and LG Dire Wolves finish the season undefeated.

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The final week of SMITE OPL is now complete, with LG Dire Wolves finishing the season undefeated, and the team travelling to the SMITE Masters LAN in Atlanta to represent the region.

The weekend was off to an explosive start, with Avant Garde facing Dark Sided and contending for third place. Dark Sided opted for a team fight composition which worked excellently against the Avant Garde’s pick focused composition. Dark Sided closed out the first game with Swifty and Shred on Hou Yi and Poseidon respectively, finishing with no deaths. They kept the momentum going into the second game and managed to maintain their position in third place.

Kanga Esports came out swinging in game one. They showed great control, focusing on taking towers and managed to take the first game. Kangas took a quick lead in the second game though a team fight around speed buff went in Legacy’s favour and they were able to convert the win into a quick tower. Legacy then picked up the Portal Demon and took a great fight, taking 3 kills and giving up nothing. This snowballed into a lead that won them the second game.

Team Noxide fought valiantly in their games against Legacy Esports, even though Legacy decided to play some interesting picks. They lost game one though managed to come back and win the second game, finishing off the season with a strong showing. This was off the back of a stellar performance from Tekzy, finishing the second game in 18 minutes with a score of 11/2/11.

Dark Sided forfeited their final match against LG Dire Wolves.

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