Bottom seeds in NA gain momentum coming into LAN

| News | March 29th, 2017

The final week of the SCL ended with some fireworks on Monday. Elevate and Return, the two bottom seeds in North America, each found their first 2-0 set sweep of the split. The most impressive part of this accomplishment is that the competition was tough. Return bested the second seeded Strictly Business, while Elevate beat the defending world champions, Obey Alliance. My Guys lost their quest for a perfect season after splitting with SoaR. In Europe, Team RivaL completed their perfect season against Carbon 6 and secured their top spot coming out of Europe.


North America: 

Team Record Points
My Guys 4-1-0 13
Strictly Business 2-1-2 7
Obey Alliance 2-1-2 6
SoaR Gaming 1-3-1 6
Elevate 1-2-2 5
Return 1-1-3 4



Game one between Return and Strictly Business was close. Keji had a solid performance on Anhur, but the hunter for SB could only watch as Fatal Ghost on Skadi tore through SB in the late game. Marsleezy put constant pressure on the duo lane in the early game and allowed Fatal Ghost to safely farm, giving him the items he needed to carry in the late game. His Skadi ended up on top of the player damage charts with an 8/1/10 scoreline. Game two was not as competitive, Return controlled the game from the very beginning. Fatal Ghost had another stellar performance, this time on Medusa. Marsleezy once again focused on getting his hunter ahead and it paid off big time. Clow played his signature Zhong Kui to near perfection, even turning around an outnumbered situation and securing himself a double kill just before the 8 minute mark. Return’s new solo laner, Cdot, looked pretty comfortable during the set as well. Return is on a hot streak coming into the Spring Finals LAN and will be a team to watch out for.


Team Record Points
Team RivaL 3-0-0 9
Carbon 6 2-0-1 6
CAZ esports 0-2-2 2
Quantum esports 0-1-2 1


Team RivaL’s set up against Carbon 6 was hard fought. Many came into this split expecting RivaL to run away with the European SCL like they did in Season 3, but Carbon 6 showed they can hang with that veterans. Game one was a very close game until around the 23 minute mark, when RivaL took one small teamfight win and marched around the map, securing multiple tier two towers and the gold fury. The control out of Watson on Poseidon was just a bit too much for Carbon 6 to handle. Game two saw Rapio and Watson get a little creative, the jungler controlled The Morrigan and was consistently transforming into his mid laner, Zeus, in order to drop two Lightning Storms on the opposition. The combo was potent and catapulted RivaL to a significant early lead. Carbon 6 managed to stave off the final push from RivaL for a while, but in the end RivaL secured their top spot in Europe.

There will be a few weeks before the SCL Spring Finals LAN, which will be held here at our very own esports arena on April 21-23rd. Stay tuned for more information on the LAN coming soon!