Oceania Pro League Split One – Week Four Recap

| News | March 16th, 2017

By Jordan “Joslimity” Guest, Oceania League Coordinator with contribution from Alexander “HughZ” Hughes, OPL Commentator.

In the second super week of the split, OPL newcomers Team Noxide take their first wins of the split. Dark Sided finish the week with several notches on their belt.

The heavyweight bout over the weekend was Legacy Esports against LG Direwolves. The Wolfpack took the first game in a convincing fashion. Legacy fought back in the second game though were unsuccessful. Dire Wolves continue their undefeated streak.

An intense match up, Avant Garde took the first game against Dark Sided even though the odds were against them. This demonstrated that Avant’s role swaps between Robdigidy and Zaze played to their favour. They were unable to repeat the victory in the second game, resulting in a tie.

Kanga Esports were up against Team Noxide, both looking for their first win of the split. Noxide took their first OPL win, behind an excellent performance from Neus’ Janus in mid lane. Kanga fired back in the second game, off the back of a great draft.

Dark Sided hit the ground running in this match, playing like a team with something to prove against Kanga Esports. They showed Chang’e jungle and a hunter mid is the winning combination for their team. Kanga’s play demonstrated they are nipping at the heels of their competition, though unable to convert their attempts into a victory.

Avant Garde took a quick first game from the OPL newcomers Team noxide, though the Noxide were not perturbed going into game two. After a long game, Noxide finished by winning their second game of the week, with great performances from Tekzy and Splitpush.

Week 4 Results:

  • Legacy Esports vs Dire Wolves 0-2
  • Avant Garde vs Dark Sided 1-1
  • Team Noxide vs Kanga Esports 1-1
  • Kanga Esports vs Dark Sided 0-2
  • Avant Garde vs Team Noxide 1-1

Team standings: http://au.cybergamer.com/pc/ smite/league/rankings/

League information: http://au.cybergamer.com/SMITE
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